My review of “The Intern”!

Hello movie fans!

Since I have unlimited movie subscription, I go to the cinema much more often and it feels good! Yesterday evening, I saw The Intern and I don’t regret my choice, it was really great. Here is my review, enjoy!

the intern 1

The Intern is an American comedy directed by Nancy Meyers with Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, Jojo Kushner, Linda Lavin and Jason Orley. The movie was released in France on October 7, 2015.

What’s the story? Ben Whittaker, a widower of 70 years old lives in Brooklyn and realizes that retirement annoys him. As soon as the opportunity arises to return to duty, he accepts an intern position at About the Fit, a fashion website company, created and directed by Jules Ostin. Soon he becomes popular with his colleagues and indispensable to his boss who is under tremendous pressure…

the intern 3

The film confronts two generations which are total opposites: Generation Y which swears only by the Internet, smartphones and social networks, and the Old School generation accustomed to paper directories and which ignores how Facebook and Instagram work. At the beginning of the movie, Robert De Niro does not even know how to turn on his Apple computer screen! This scene which might appear laughable is actually touching because it shows the disarray of seniors surpassed by new technologies beyond their control. Ben may well be 70 years old, this does not prevent him from adapting to the world of his young colleagues.

the intern 2

Far from being an ignorant old fossil, he has 42 years of corporate experience and his advice will prove to be very judicious in About the Fit company. Ben will even save the life of his boss by orchestrating a commando operation! I cannot tell you more not to spoil the surprise…

The movie is also an opportunity to create a portrait of modern moms who work hard to find their place in an even sexist society, succeed in their careers, family and marital life, while dads turn into “househusbands” to take care of the kids. This modern lifestyle is not without consequence for the survival of the couple. The Intern is certainly a very social film.

the intern 5

Indeed, it sheds light on the reconstruction of affective life after divorce or widowhood, efforts to provide when the wife comes home exhausted from work, the innocence of children to be protected against the vicissitudes of life…

the intern 4

The Intern is a concentrate of emotions and situations in which anyone can identify. It talks about real life and that’s what makes the beauty of the film. It’s good to see Robert De Niro in the role of a nice guy. Go see this movie if it is not already done!

Feel free to give your opinion about the film in the comment field. Have a nice day 🙂


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