“Mes pires amis”: review of a comedy about love, friendship and their dirty tricks!

Dear theater enthusiasts,

After seeing all the comedies of Alil Vardar, I needed to discover something new, while remaining in the register of modern theater. As I always manage to find great discounts, yesterday night I decided to see Mes pires amis at Apollo Theater, in Republic area. Here is my review of this explosive comedy, enjoy!

mes pires amis affiche

Mes pires amis is a comedy written by Pierre Léandri and Tristan Zerbib and directed by Guillaume Sentou. The cast includes Pierre Léandri, Tristan Zerbib, Cybèle Villemagne and Elodie Varlet (I have just learned that she is part of the actors of Plus belle la vie TV show!). They are on stage at Apollo Theater until January 3, 2016.

What’s the story? Edouard is a lovely boy who eats organic food, gives money to charities and sorts his waste. His two best friends from childhood are Julien, a womanizer who collects unscrupulously female conquests and Delphine, a feminist lesbian journalist known for her stance against all forms of discrimination. Edouard invites them for dinner to introduce them Eva, the woman of his life. All the elements are there to spend a good evening…but it is without counting the fact that Eva has already met Julien, she is caught in flagrante delicto on the phone with a guy named Luc and the evening turns into a nasty gunfight between those friends that nothing seemed to separate…war is declared! How will Edouard react after discovering that his fiancee is not the perfect woman he imagined? Go see the play to find out!

Quid pro quo, misunderstanding, lies, betrayal, hysteria and situation comedy, you have all the ingredients to attend a confrontation between friends more than enjoyable and explosive! The actors are good and funny, each has his own personality and the play is very dynamic and well paced. The audience laughs heartily and we also have a cool soundtrack that is a bit like the American series. One thing is sure: you won’t get bored and the 70 minutes of the show pass very quickly!

We have the feeling of watching a comedy series episode in Live and it feels good! You can book your tickets on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/143865/evt.htm. Treat yourself to a good laughing fit, it’s healthy!

Have a nice day, see you soon 🙂


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