“Abracadabrunch”: review of the new magical comedy of Alil Vardar!

Hello theater lovers!

Last week, I told you about my desire to discover the new comedy of Alil Vardar. I finally saw it yesterday evening and it was fabulous! Here is my review of Abracadabrunch, enjoy!

abracadabrunch 2

Abracadabrunch is a comedy directed by Alil Vardar with Alil Vardar himself, Amanda Scott and Geneviève Gil. They are on stage at La Grande Comédie Theater since October 2, 2015.

What’s the story? François Coulon is 45 years old and he’s just sold his business. Single, selfish, mysoginist, womanizer, rude and insincere, he decided to devote the rest of his life to himself! This is the definition of happiness according to François but fate has decided otherwise. On the morning of his birthday, he receives the supernatural visit of a sublime angel named Elle in his living room. She is sent by God known as “Grand On” to ruin his life and turn him into a good man. Hell begins for François! Elle wants him to find a wife and she is determined to fulfill her mission. She forces François to write an ad saying that he is looking for a wife without any selection criteria! Elle encourages François to make donations, electrocutes him when he misbehaves and starts to teach him to dance the tango. A kind of flirtation begins but Elle suddenly vanishes, to the despair of François. A few days later, a candidate to be his future wife knocks on his door and she looks nothing like the woman of his dreams. Eglantine is short, rustic, slightly overweight and old fashioned. Plus, she has questionable hygiene and a particular humor. Will François manage to simply ignore all that to open up to true love? You will find out by going to see the play…

Abracadabrunch is the fourth comedy of Alil Vardar that I’ve been seeing and I have not been disappointed. The play is innovating with magical special effects, funny, original and entertaining. Alil Vardar is an excellent comedian specialized in the art of making the audience laugh. The two other actresses Amanda Scott and Geneviève Gil are also quite a piece of work!

Replicas, halfway between the comic and the tragic, hit the target. There are music, dance, magic, funny situations and a bit of romance. We don’t get bored, Abracadabrunch offers us a great show! I hope Alil Vardar will keep writing and act in other awesome comedies…

You can book your tickets on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/145166/evt.htm. Giggles guaranted!

See you soon 🙂


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