How to succeed a One Pot Pasta!

Dear lazy food lovers,

Have you heard of the concept of the One Pot Pasta? Launched in the Puglia region in Italy and popularized by Martha Stewart, the One Pot Pasta technique is to cook all the ingredients for a pasta dish in a single pot, on the same principle as the risotto. Pasta, vegetables and other spices are dipped in water, absorb it and turn it into a creamy sauce with the starch in wheat flour. In the end, you get a dish that you are almost sure to succeed every time, achieved without much effort and without having to then wash an ustensil army! Isn’t that wonderful? Yes and no because as there are always stubborn people who refuse to follow the instructions of the recipe blindly, we are never safe from a culinary failure! So here are 10 tips to always succeed your One Pot Pasta, enjoy!

1. Put the cold water quantity indicated in the recipe! No more no less. Those who are tempted to add water because they are afraid that pasta can’t be cooked, please don’t for the survival of your cuisine!

30 cl d'eau2. Follow well the order of ingredients indicated in the recipe! Don’t put pasta in the end, they would never cook…

oui chef

3. Flavor water! Use spices, herbs, condiments, or even chicken or vegetable stock (homemade or reconstituted with a cube). But put a very small amount of stock because the quantity of water is small!

vegetable cube4. Prefer short pasta, avoid spaghetti! Because the spaghetti may stick to the pot…

pâtes papillon

5. Use tasty products to flavor the sauce! Chorizo, Montbéliard sausage, smoked salmon, Parmesan cheese or other…treat yourself! And don’t put salt if you use products already naturally salty like salmon.


6. Choose vegetables that cook quickly! Like tomatoes or mushrooms for example.


7. Use a sufficiently large container! Pot, pan or wok because the ingredients are almost to the brim!


8. Remember to mix regularly! Otherwise, the bottom of the pan may attach or  burn, outch…


9. At the end of cooking, you must have the sauce! If it’s not the case, it means that you have cooked too fast. You have to cook over medium heat. Feel free to let stand 2 to 3 minutes before serving.


10. Think about the final touch of your pasta dish! Feel free to add grated cheese, herbs or what makes you happy and your One Pot Pasta will be perfect…


Hope these 10 tips will allow you to make an easy and tasty One Pot Pasta! You can find a lot of delicious recipes on the Internet. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Bon appétit 🙂


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