My review of “Solace”!

Hello movie fans!

Yesterday afternoon I saw Solace at the movie theater. Here is my review of this thrilling movie, enjoy!


Solace is an American fantasy thriller directed by Afonso Poyart with Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish. The movie was released in France on September 9, 2015.

What’s the story? An enigmatic serial killer terrorizes Atlanta, leaving the FBI totally disraught. Whatever they do, investigators are always one step behind, as if the killer could anticipate their movements in advance! Out of desperation, they turn to Dr. John Clancy, a retired psychic whose visions have helped them in the past. By studying the case, Clancy quickly guesses why the FBI is unable to trap the killer: this one has the same gift of divination than him. How to stop a killer able to predict the future? A ruthless chess game begins then…

Anthony Hopkins is known to play in dark and tortuous movies and this film is not an exception. His confrontation with Colin Farrell is very challenging. These two great actors carry the whole weight of the dynamics of the movie, eclipsing all the secondary roles. This is not the first film where the FBI is ridiculed by an awful criminal.

solace 2

The gift of clairvoyance brings a disturbing mystical dimension and some of the scenes border on Satanism. This is not a horror movie but there are plans not recommended for sensitive souls, you may have nightmares! If you are afraid of blood, stay home.

This does not prevent the film from being captivating and thrilling, especially the match between the killer and the doctor. Crime scenes, almost aesthetic, are a pretext to develop clairvoyance flashes for feeding the investigation.

solace 3

I can tell you that we don’t get bored during the movie. Our mind is obsessed with the investigation and the mystery of the killer, the supernatural and the fatality feeling give us a strange thrill, we expect to discover the next victims, we let ourselves be transported by car chases and we wonder how far will go the killer who feels invested with a divine mission.

The film also sheds a light on the suffering of people with terminal illness, loss of loved ones and euthanasia. The crucial question that arises is: what right have we to decide that a human being has to die before his time? What is shocking is that the killer is trying to impersonate a nice guy and convince his opponent that he kills for the good of humanity. It’s completely insane. There is no reason to take someone’s life. A murder remains a murder, and that’s what psychopaths don’t understand.

If you like thrillers, supernatural and morbid atmospheres, go for it, that’s what Solace (Prémonitions for the French title) serves up. I was scared at times but I found the movie well-crafted. You never get bored with American movies!


Feel free to give your opinion about Solace in the comment field. Have a nice evening 🙂


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