Short story number 19!

Dear aspiring writers,

It’s been a while since my last short story. You know my taste for romance and gourmandise, here is my nineteenth short story, enjoy reading!

love-cooking1Healing, love and cooking.

After her breakup with Riccardo, Alexia thought her world was going to collapse and that she would remain single for the rest of her life. Ric’ told her she was an amazing girl and it was because he cared about her that he had to let her go. Bullshit! If she was so amazing and if he really loved her, he would never do this. If people loved each other, they remained together, no matter the trials to go through. She cried so much she could build a fortress with all her empty tissue boxes. The one that previously had the appetite of an ogre ate only the bare necessities not to end up malnourished. Alexia had lost five kilos and she had to buy new clothes. Despite this, she continued to look good. Her body mass index was 19, she was not anorexic so there was nothing to worry about.

During the two months that followed the breakup, Alexia requisitionned all her girlfriends who took turn as they could to play psychologists, sisters of loving heart or mean girls spewing their venom upon all men. Despite their good intentions, they naturally get tired and eventually became less and less available. Alexia felt bettrayed but she could not blame them. They had their own life and she was not disabled. She had to move forward alone. She was young, her life was far from being over! It was not because Riccardo had dumped her that Alexia had to give up being happy. On the contrary, being happy would be the best revenge. She did not know how to do but she would succeed, not matter how long it would take…

One month later, Alexia had regained strength and her appetite for great food. She thought less and less about Riccardo, the pain was gone and she no longer needed to buy tissues. At first, this gave her a strange effect. Alexia even tried to force herself to cry but she had no more tears to shed for her ex. She was on the healing journey. She had read somewhere that the human being was programmed to survive breakups and science was not lying: time healed all wounds. Plus, Alexia was not going to bump into Riccardo in the street since her ex had left to live in Argentina. Out of sight, out of mind, it was perfect to forget him…

Alexia started to make herself beautiful again and kept going out. Birthdays, afterworks, housewarming parties or other, she said yes to all invitations. Sometimes, she even dared to attend public events where she knew nobody, just to meet new people and expand her social circle. This lifestyle allowed her to develop a natural social ease and she ended up meeting Théo at a cooking workshop. He accidentally made Alexia’s dish burn and she preferred to laugh about it rather than getting angry. Under the spell of the young woman and in order to make amends, Théo invited her to dinner at the restaurant of a Michelin star chef. A few days later, she offered to help him in his cooking learning and they started to date after a kiss triggered by the success of the first Basque-style chicken of Théo…

Through the power of love and good will, Théo lost no time to become an outstanding cook. He excelled in savory preparations and Alexia was the queen of desserts. They were so inspired that they even invented their own recipes! Their passion for cooking became so strong that the two lovers decided to leave their respective jobs to open “Papilles créatives” (Creative Buds), their own gastronomic restaurant in Paris. The success was so huge that the young couple soon started to organize cooking workshops in parallel to identify new talent. Today they are so popular that they were offered to host their own TV show “La cuisine créative selon Théo et Alexia” (Creative Cuisine by Théo and Alexia) on the channel “Tendances Culinaires”. Fans will be waiting for it, without a doubt! Who knows, we may be finally discover the secret of the famous Exotic Chicken Supreme and the Tutti Frutti Profiteroles?… My taste buds feast on beforehand!

thanks 12

Hope you enjoyed this short story. Hugs 🙂


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