Hello poetic souls!

Today I would like to write a poem about laughing, enjoy reading!

laugh snoopy


Laugh because it’s good for health,

Laugh even if you have nothing, it’s the most beautiful wealth.

Laugh because life is too short to cry,

Laugh and you will get the strengh of a samourai.

Laughter is contagious,

Laughter can be viral but has nothing dangerous,

Laughter is communicating,

Laughing is about giving and sharing.

If you have the sense of humor, you can face any situation,

Laughter can help you fight depression,

Laughing is what makes you feel alive,

Laughter is a weapon more powerful than a knife.

Laugh out loud to challenge fate,

Laugh to show that you’re not afraid,

When you feel sad, just force yourself to laugh,

This remedy is magical, it will divide your pain by half.

thanks 15Hope you enjoyed this poem, have a nice day 🙂


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