“10 ans de mariage”: review of a jubilant comedy on conjugal life in midlife crisis!

Hello mates!

When I have 10 euros in my pocket, I have only one wish: going to the theater! As I had loved Le clan des divorcées and Familles (re)composées, I decided to attend another play of Alil Vardar. Here is my review of 10 ans de mariage, enjoy!

10 ans de mariage

10 ans de mariage is a comedy written by Alil Vardar and directed by Roger Louret with Eric Mariotto and Vanessa Fery. They are on stage at La Grande Comédie Theater, in Paris 9.

What’s the story? To celebrate their 10 years of marriage, Lisa organizes a surprise evening for her husband Alec. Unfortunately, Alec has completely forgotten about it and he has chosen this evening to ask Lisa to divorce! During 85 minutes, 10 ans de mariage tells the turbulent life of a couple in their forties who no longer know how to love without making the other suffer. The play recalls the story of Lisa and Alec since their first meeting in a nightclub, the first date in a luxury restaurant, the first failed attempt at seduction, marriage proposal, the first pregnancy, decreased libido, torque arguments until the explosion, adultery and the attempt to save their marriage until dusk of existence of the couple…

As always, Alil Vardar has a knack for making light, funny and sparkling a subject which is usually serious and sad: the decrepitude of the couple eaten by routine and the loss of desire for the other.

The pair of comedians is excellent, provocative and hilarious. Plus, their dance performance is more than pleasurable! Verbal attacks fuse to perfection, humor is not very subtle but remains effective, we laugh out loud most of the time. Special mention to Eric Mariotto who has mastered the art of making ridiculous facial expressions and grimaces. Cherry on the cake: his narrow-mindness filled with machismo, bad faith and stupidity is beyond belief and his anti-glamorous attitude deserves a reward! I let you discover it by yourselves not to divulge the whole play…

10 ans de mariage is not the best play of Alil Vardar but it has the merit of being funny, entertaining and even touching. Go for it, you will have a nice time! You can book your tickets on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/145168/evt.htm. I can’t wait to discover his new play Abracadabrunch

See you soon 🙂


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