“Quartier libre”: the improvisational show that reinvents the universe of TV with the audience!

Dear readers,

As you know, I became the queen of good deals in Paris, which allowed me to attend a show for free at Le Lieu Theater, in Cadet area recently! And Quartier libre is not a show like any other: each performance is different since the audience chooses the program! Here is my review, enjoy…

quartier libre

Quartier libre is a troupe of 5 comedians specialized in the art of improvisation. Dju (Julien Nicollet) is a whimsical, manic and orderly boy. Jane (Séverine Caillaux) is the good friend whose humor smells like Maroilles cheese. Soso Dalton (Sophie Maës) is a small and complainer lady who always feels like nobody listens to her. Anaël (Anaël Alexandre) has the same haircut as Tintin but he’s allergic to dog hair. He’s also a very emotional boy. And Emma (Emmanuel Vey, yes, it’s a boy!) is in love with his hair, he’s hypochondriac and he’s a fan of Rambo. Every comedian wears a t-shirt whith his stage name and a pair of jeans with a distinct color: turquoise blue, pink candy, yellow chick, orange vitamin and snowy white. Presentations are made!

The concept of the show: the spectators subscribed to a TV box and the actors of Quartier libre reinvent the universe of TV according to the desires of the audience, which makes everything possible! Besides, the theater usher asks each spectator to write his name and a sentence on a piece of paper before the beginning of the show. These little papers will be used to direct the plot of the show so don’t hesitate to be crazy and creative! And don’t be a chicken, some spectators will be invited to go on stage…

The show is divided into several TV program sequences such as improvisation from a word, advertising Culture, the psychiatric couch, parody of the Motus TV show, parody of Les Z’amours TV show, cartoon sequence, sketch and cinema timed sequence. And every TV program is preceded by a small dance break on our favourite TV generics, we literally feel like home!

quartier libre 3

It was the first time that I attended an improvisational show and I can tell you that this is a nice experience both for the actors and spectators. The audience directs the program and there is a real interaction with the comedians. You can laugh, chat, scream and zap as if you were at home watching TV, except that TV becomes reality and you are in the heart of the program!

If you like improvisation, TV and want to live a unique and funny experience, this show is waiting for you! And remember: each performance is unique since you are the master of the remote control…

Free invitations for the show are not available anymore but you can have tickets for 7.50 euros by unit on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/91147/evt.htm. Go for it and have fun!

A bientôt 🙂


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