“Familles (re)composées”: review of a crazy comedy about the joys of divorce and blended families!

Dear theater lovers,

I developed a passion for theater again so I decided to attend another comedy yesterday evening at La Grande Comédie Theater, in Paris 9. Here is my review of Familles (re)composées, enjoy!

Familles (re)composées is a comedy directed by Alil Vardar with Alil Vardar himself, Leslie Bevillard, Marie-Laetitia Bettencourt and Anne-Sophie Level. They are on stage at La Grande Comédie Theater until November 15, 2015.

famillles recomposées

What’s the story? Jean-Claude and Marie fell in love 18 years ago, got married and had a kid. At the beginning of the play, Marie, exceeded by the macho attitude and the countless love affairs of her husband (an inveterate fan of Johnny Halliday), asks him to divorce after violent disputes more than tumultuous… Their baby is only 6 months and the both parents are already afraid of his future psychological balance. Three years later, Marie still lives in the same apartment and she has a new relationship but not just any: this time, she became a lesbian and she struggles to assume it because she is afraid of losing the flat and her child custody. It’s the deadline for her ex husband opposes that she keeps the apartment. He has until midnight to change his mind and Marie wants to keep the odds on her side. The problem is that Michelle, her girlfriend, wants her to make her coming out by introducing her officially to Jean-Claude. The ex husband is also in a relationship: he lives with Jennifer, a blond scatterbrained bimbo who is the mother of a little boy born from another relationship. When Jean-Claude aka “Kikinet” introduces Jennifer aka “Foufounette” to his ex, Marie tells them that she has someone in her life and they naturally think that this “someone” is a man. Feeling courage fails her, Marie claims that she is dating a Chinese man and that Michelle is just her servant. Then comes the question of the holiday house in Narbonne and of all the members of the blended family who will interfere shamelessly in the idyllic stay that Jean-Claude originally planed… Marie will try to tell him the truth about Michelle and her during the dinner and this will trigger a series of misunderstandings and quid pro quos totally crazy, hysterical and ridiculous!

I had attended Le clan des divorcés, another play of Alil Vardar, and I had loved it. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to go see Familles (re)composées and I don’t regret my choice. This is a hilarious comedy on themes particularly dear to Alil Vardar: the couple and family life. This talented director and actor managed to turn usually sad and and serious social issues into something funny, sympathetic, light and moving.

Verbal jousts of the actors were often caricatured but effective since the audience kept laughing during the 85 minutes of the show. Each character had his own personality and we can see that the actors had a blast during their performance. Special mention to Alil Vardar for his superb imitation of Johnny Halliday and his vocal prowess. And Marie-Laetitia Bettencourt deserves a medal for her record of sentences so stupid that they border on genius!

Familles (re)composées is a good entertainment that will make you laugh at loud. If you feel depressed, this comedy is the cure that you need! You can have tickets for 10 euros by unit on the website http://www.billetreduc.com/134833/evt.htm. Go for it, you will have an awesome time…

See you soon 🙂


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