I attended David Laroche conference on self-confidence in Paris!

Dear readers,

Yesterday evening, I attended the conference of someone I admire and follow since last summer. I’m talking about David Laroche, director, consultant and speaker on self-confidence themes and the objective reached. David is known for his numerous challenges and helps thousands of people achieve what they think themselves impossible. He has interviewed the greatest entrepreneurs, speakers and Olympic athletes in France and in the world. He travels around the world to help people unlock their potential by sharing his personal story of a child who felt ill at ease, was shy and sick, and who now inspires the world through his conferences, seminars and videos. His credo: “Believe in yourself, it is possible for you and it starts now.” How inspiring! Getting back to the conference, it took place yesterday at 8:00 pm, at Espace Reuilly in Paris 12. Here is my synthesis of this wonderful conference, enjoy!

david laroche conference

1. Before the beginning of the conference

espace reuilly

David’s partner controls the tickets at the entrance and his girlfriend opens the door of the conference room. The fact that his loved ones take care of it makes the event more friendly. David Laroche himself is not waiting behind the curtain. Casual and smiling, he discusses with the first rows which have Golden Circle seats. The seats are not numbered so you can sit where you want, hence the need to arrive in advance! The room is full, there must be about 500 people this evening: students, families, couples and people of all generations, which shows the impact that David exerts on the world…

2. Beginning of the conference


It is supposed to start at 8:00 pm on the dot but the conference begins a bit late, until everyone arrives. The room is beautiful with its red curtains and armchairs. We have the feeling of attending a one man show! David Laroche finally goes on stage and tests the sound of his mircrophone to make sure that everyone hears him. The audience reads him loud and clear. Perfect, the conference is ready to start!

3. Introduction

5 clés confiance

Being scared is a fact but you can change the story you tell yourself to feel more comfortable. Accept the fact that you cannot please everyone, just focus on people that make you feel good. Be aware that people who are too scared are just selfish. No matter whether you are good or not, if you are here for people who want to move forward, if you are here to serve them, it changes everything because when you give them a gift, you don’t have any reason to be afraid. You just have to be yourself. Don’t focus on theory, focus on results. You have to wonder if you apply it and to what extent you apply it. Ask yourself if you can progress on that. Self-confidence is only for people who want to move forward. The question you have to think about is: “What could be possible with just more confidence in me?”

4. First key point: allow yourself to design your life!


If you imagine that things will go well, you become comfortable. You can become who you want to be. You can be confident. Take the time to sit and ask yourself: “What does the new version of myself look like?” Be aware that true or wrong images can influence your life. Your environment amplifies who you are. Self-confidence, self-esteem and well-being come from the inside. One example: how do you explain that Mandela feels free in a cell of 10 square meters whereas there are billionaires who feel trapped in thousands of square meters? Everything comes from the inside. We need a dose of security and insecurity to feel good. Allow yourself to live a tailor-made life! Two people with the same disability may have completely different lives because one of them will have the determination to move forward. You need to have projects to live. Contribute to the ecosystem. What you are is like a planet. Each cell of your body is an intelligence. Do your best, just like your cells. In your own way, you have talent. You are perfect as you are. It’s tailor-made.

5. Second key point: realize the perfection of your life!


If you think your past has a problem, you will have trouble building your future. Be thankful, have gratitude for what life brings to you. Take the elements of your past and see how they have been positive. At the level of suffering, there are power, anger and energy. You cannot love something about someone without having it in you. Know that the more you criticize others, the more you become what you criticize. If you can see what is beautiful in someone, you will be able to develop it in you. Someone who is successful will always support another person who is sucessful. Become unstoppable!


Here are some sentences to tell yourself to feel powerful: “I can do it”, “I want it”, “I succeed everything I do”, “I am awesome” and so on. This may seem trivial but these sentences are real catalysts and boosters of positive energy. Tell yourself that someone who has never known a situation of power, joy or gratitude doesn’t exist! What matters is having courage to take a step closer. Surround yourself with people who want to move forward.

6. Third key point: honor yourself!

passer à l'action

Don’t let others or a superior power determine your life. To move forward, every night, ask yourself: “What were my three victories of the day? ” Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you are more confident, you can do more things, you will make more mistakes and you will be criticized more. This is the only way to learn new things and move forward. Don’t think that crying is a sign of weakness. Crying is healing. Inspiration tears make you reach a higher part of you. You allow yourself to create what you don’t know. Awareness is when you open a space that you don’t know. Victories are cultivated progressively.

7. Fourth key point: make small steps!

petits pas

Meet the challenge of doing something new and different every day! Coming out of your comfort zone will only grow confidence in you.

8. Fifth key point: become the master of your emotions!

gerer emotions

Emotions are the only thing that make us survive. Cultivate your emotions to feel comfortable. Make your emotions become a standard in your system. Make the fact of being confident, achieving your dreams, opening your heart to others, impacting people, incarnating the “future you” become a standard! Remember that epigenetics determines your life.

9. Conclusion


Attending a conference of David Laroche was like making a dream come true. Seeing a person who inspires you in real life is a real catalyst. His conference was full of life, humor, emotions, sharing and common sense. I liked his simplicity, his natural side, his openness, his spirituality, his humor, his passion and his fellowship with his audience. Plus, collective exercises he made us do during the conference were revealing, inspiring, funny and moving. At the end of the conference, I literally felt more confident, determined and grateful. Knowing that he’s a former shy guy and seeing all the great things he has accomplished in the world by helping people shows us that everything is possible and gives us motivation to change our lives and achieving our dreams. I was very happy to attend this event, it was like meeting a friend. And I hope to attend other of his conferences in the future. Thank you David for this awesome time, keep up the good work!

And you, have you ever attended a conference of David Laroche? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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