Be confident…

Dear budding poets,

Today, I would like to write a poem about confidence, enjoy reading!


Be confident…

Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear,

If you have it, you have no reason to be scared,

More efficient than makeup which fades,

Confidence is the most formidable of parades.

It’s not because you have been dumped that you will never be able to love again,

Failing an exam doesn’t mean that you need a new brain,

The secret of success is to have confidence in you,

If you believe in yourself, there is nothing that you could not go through.

Be confident and you will see that your life will change,

Keep the faith and you will find that every situation can arrange,

Don’t let your life dominate you, be the master of your own life,

Use your confidence like a shield and you will end up winning the strife…

thanks 6

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Have a nice day 🙂


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