Do you know the Mölkky game?

Hello mates!

This weekend, I discovered the Mölkky game which is a Finnish skill game, and I must admit that I quickly became addicted to it! Here are the rules, enjoy!

The principle of the game is to knock down wooden pins with a launcher called Mölkky. The pins are marked from 1 to 12. You play by teams of 2 people. The first team arriving in sum exactly 50 points wins the game!

At the beginning of the game, pins are placed at approximately 4 meters of the players. The pin is shot when you straighten it on its foot (not the head), number facing the throwing area, right where it is and without lifting it off the ground. Thus in the course of the game, the pins scatter and move away.

Here is how to place the pins at the beginning of the game:

placement des quilles mölkky

Counting points:

To break down the pins, the players throw the Mölkky. There are 2 ways to score points:

  • If a player drops more than one pin, he wins as many points as pinfall.
  • If a player drops a single pin, he wins as many points as the number written on it.

Warning: a pin is considered defeated if it fell entirely on the ground and not based on any other. If it is balanced on a natural terrain feature, tree stump, root, tree trunk … it is not considered fallen. If the pin rests on an artificial element, cement border field boundary plate … it is considered as having fallen to the ground. If a pin is lying on the ground and another lies in balance on an artificial border, we must must count 2 pins on the ground, 2 points.

quilles mölkky

The winning team is the one that manages to sum exactly 50 points.

If a team exceeds this score, it falls to 25.

Elimination: The player (if alone) or the team that made three consecutive void throws (three shots in which no points are scored, or bitten on the launch line) is eliminated. Of course, if all players are eliminated before anyone reaches 50 points, the last game won.

A draw (heads or tails) determines which team starts the first round. After 2 rounds, and in case of equality, each team adds its points of the 2 rounds. The team which scores the most points starts the third and final round. In case of equality when adding the points, a new draw is performed to determine which begins the third and final round.

Hope you will have the opportunity to try this awesome game. Have fun! 🙂


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