My 10 assumptions to get tickets in the pit for the next concert of Muse in Paris!

Dear fans of Muse,

Yesterday, ticket sales for Muse’s concert at Bercy Arena opened at 10:00 am and all the tickets sold out within a few seconds! I was in front of my computer since 9:30 am but all the websites selling tickets online were saturated and I couldn’t get what I wanted: tickets in the pit! I’ll still see them on stage on March 1, 2016, but it will be from the bleachers, it’s not the same and I still have not digested this defeat. Yes, for me it’s a defeat because usually I always manage to get what I want when it comes to concerts. In May, I saw Maroon 5 from the pit and it was awesome! I was expecting to do the same with Muse but I badly organized. They added two additional dates for March 3 and 4 but I’m afraid I find myself facing a new impossible mission. What should we do to get tickets in the pit? Here are my 10 assumptions, enjoy!

1. Being part of the official fan club of Muse to benefit presales! And again, even the fan club members have struggled, they have not all been lucky to get tickets in the pit. So where did all these precious tickets go? It’s a shame they don’t do presales for the new dates! September 22 certainly may be challenging…

fan club

2. Camping in front of Fnac store from 5 in the morning! If not midnight. I’m sure that some people would be crazy enough, strong and motivated to do it…


3. Knowing Muse members personally! It seems logical to me, the inner circle is always favored. Seriously, who has never dreamed of being friend with Matt Bellamy?


4. Working at the Fnac store ticket office! Of course, these employees are the ones who have access to tickets first an they are responsible for stock management! How convenient…

fnac tickets

5. Knowing an employee working at Fnac store, Carrefour or other! So we can ask them to set aside tickets for us. I don’t see where is the problem as long as we pay…

fnac employee

6. Being the luckiest person on the planet! Thus, there are people who always get what they want regardless of the circumstances…


7. Being sufficiently gifted in computer science to crash all Internet connections except ours! And restore the Internet connection once we bought our tickets to stay nice…

crash internet

8. Having the power to temporary paralyze all the people in the queue to be the first customer! And cancel the paralyzing effect after of course…


9. Seeing a shooting star the day before the ticket sales and make a wish coming true! Yes, I believe in magical thinking…

shooting star 2

10. Winning a contest with VIP treatment! Sometimes you just have to call a radio station but I doubt they do this for Muse…


And you, how would you do to get your tickets? Don’t hesitate to share your tricks in the comment field. Cheers 🙂

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