How to socialize!

Hello mates!

Sometimes we may well have reached adulthood, socializing is not always easy either. How to pass this test necessary for the construction of our social identity? Read without further delay the 17 following tips to help you socialize more!

1. When you go to an event where you don’t know anyone, arrive early! It will be easier to talk to people before the groups will be formed, which will leave you more opportunities and you will feel less intimidated…


2. Make the first step! Start by creating a visual contact, smile and use body language. After that, simply start a conversation related to the situation and take the plunge!


3. Start conversations related to the present moment! You just need a short sentence to start a conversation. For example: “Is it the first time you come here?” or “Have you found the address easily?”. Once people have answered you, just smile, give them your name and ask their name. The conversation is then initiated…


4. Introduce yourself in a conversation smoothly! With expressions like “I agree”, “Totally” or “I’m not so sure”. Then you will be able to participate more actively in the conversation…

totally5. Force yourself to interact with merchants in your neigborhood! The newsagent, the baker, the butcher or the grocer for exemple. Ask them how they are doing and ask them for advice relative to your purchases. It costs nothing and it’s always fun!

how are you

6. Do activities! Cook, play sports, read, play music or whatever, there is always something to do! At least you will know what to answer if someone asks you your hobbies… It’s always better than “Nothing” or “I don’t have any”!


7. Keep up to the current news! These are subjects that everyone hears about and that will facilitate the conversation. Whether on TV, on radio, on the Internet or in newspapers, all means are good!


8. Don’t judge others! Everyone is free to have his own opinion. You’re going to make enemies if you reject those who think differently from you and this is not what you want, isn’t it?


9. Don’t stay at home! Register in a club, volunteer, get closer to your colleagues, attend a maximum of events, … Create opportunities to meet people!


10. Smile! You will attract people more easily than if you look down in the dumps, it’s common sense…


11. Have an open body language! Relaxed arms, legs uncrossed and body facing the people with whom you want to exchange. And leave your phone in your pocket because it is so antisocial!


12. Maintain eye contact! Otherwise, the other will think that you ignore him. Look at the person when she talks about something important, or at least something important to her. But don’t be intrusive though…

Women having coffee together outdoors

13. Listen carefully! Feel free to ask questions to show your interest and initiate dialogue.


14. Remember people’s names! This will personalize your words and will show people that you care about them. Plus, it always leaves good impression!

what's your name15. Be clean and presentable! Have a shower, smell good and choose your outfit according to the event you attend. This may seem obvious but the decency codes are unfortunately not applied by everyone.


16. Stay cool! Being nervous will only make you clumsy. Don’t worry about the little details. Even if you have a stain on your jacket, it’s not the end of the world. Act as if nothing happened instead of focusing on it and spoil your moment of sociability…

stay cool

17. Have a positive mindset! You will attract the good things more easily, trust me…

Positive-Mind-Vibes-LifeHope these 17 tips will help you socialize more! Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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