My answers to the Proust questionnaire!

Dear readers,

As you may already know, I love questionnaires! I think this a way to learn to better know yourself. Yesterday I did the Pivot questionnaire just for fun and today I wanted to do the Proust questionnaire that seems more spiritual and depth. The French writer Marcel Proust discovered this test at the end of the nineteenth century when he was still a teenager. This English game dating back at least from the 1860’s was named Confessions and allowed people to reveal their tastes and aspirations. Proust did not adopt exactly the original English questionnaire. Beside the translation, he separated questions, omitted some and added others. The Proust questionnaire is composed of 31 questions. Here are my answers, enjoy reading!

1. Your favourite virtue? The need to love and be loved.


2. Your favourite qualities in a man? Honesty, loyalty, tenderness, care and humor.


3. Your favourite qualities in a woman? Honesty, solidarity, listening, empathy and joie de vivre.


4. What you appreciate the most in your friends? Their availability, their kindness, their loyalty and their touch of madness.


5. Your main fault? Shyness.


6. Your favourite occupation? Writing.


7. Your idea of happiness? Following your dreams and not having regrets.

follow your dreams

8. Your idea of misery? Not living the life you wanted and losing the people you love.


9. If not yourself, who would you be? An improved version of myself.


10. Where would you like to live? I don’t mind living abroad. Europe, America or Asia, there are so many beautiful places in the world!


11. Your favourite color? Blue.

love blue

12. The flower you like? Red rose.

red rose

13. Your favourite bird? Swan.

swan 2

14. Your favourite authors? Alexandre Dumas, Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark, Marc Levy, Guillaume Musso and Sophie Kinsella.


15. Your favourite poets? Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Victor Hugo and Alfred de Musset.


16. Your favourite heroes in fiction? D’Artagnan, Edmond Dantes, Romeo Montaigu and Spiderman.


17. Your favourite heroines in fiction? Mulan and Katniss Everdeen.


18. Your favourite composers? Beethoven and Yiruma.


19. Your favourite painters? Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh.


20. Your favourite heroes in real life? All the people who save lives.


21. Your heroines in world history? Cleopatra.


22. Your favourite names? Léa for a girl and Clément for a boy.


23. What I hate the most? Wickedness, hypocrisy, racism and cruelty.


24. World history characters I hate the most? Hitler and Staline.


25. The military event I admire the most? The July 14 parade in Paris.


26. The reform I admire the most? Women’s right to freely dispose of their bodies through the Simone Veil law.

simone veil

27. The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with? Painting or singing.


28. How I wish to die? Happy, surrounded by my loved ones and having accomplished everything I wanted.


29.What is your present state of mind? I am determined to follow my dreams.

dreams eiffel

30. For what fault have you most toleration? The lack of experience.


31. Your favourite motto? Nothing is impossible.


That’s it! Don’t hesitate to share your own answers. Have a nice day 🙂



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