How to spend a nice weekend in London without breaking the bank!

Hello mates!

Yesterday I wrote an article on the 10 things I like and dislike about London. I wanted to include my tips to spend a good weekend without going broke in London but the article would have been too long. Hence a new article. I prefer to write it today while everything is still fresh in my head. No, this blog won’t turn into “How to survive in London”, Paris is still my number one. Enjoy reading!

1. Book your tickets in advance! Personally, I always travel by Eurostar. It’s the most convenient way for me from Paris and the journey only takes 2 hours and 17 minutes. The advantage is that you win one hour thanks to the magic of jetlag and you arrive in Central London. The Eurostar website regularly makes special offers. Right now you can get a roundtrip for 74 euros, enjoy! You can also book plane tickets on low cost companies like Easyjet or go by bus via IDbus or Megabus if you are brave enough to endure 8 hours of travel…

eurostar 37 euros

2. Be smart for accommodation! The ideal solution would be to have friend who can host you in London. If you don’t have that chance, think about the hostels (you better have a fellow traveler in this case) or student residences to make savings. If you are in a group, Airbnb is your best ally to have a whole flat at cheap price!


3. Convert your money in France! Avoid banks, they ask you to make the request two weeks in advance and they don’t offer the best rate. Go to a currency exchange agency to get your pounds on the same day. I left with £ 230 and it was enough for three days, not including Eurostar.


4. Go to see a musical at knockdown price! I managed to get seats in central balcony for £ 20  per person for Mamma Mia! musical and it was awesome!!! I booked them on the website

5. Don’t bring your credit card! It will force you to manage your money and not exceed your budget. Just think to provide a small envelope of euros in case of emergencies. We are never too careful!

no credit card

6. Do your shopping at Primark! This is heaven to find accessories, shoes and stylish clothing at low prices! I managed to buy a nice dress, two shirts and a sweet top by spending less than £ 40, I love this store! Blessed be Oxford Street…


7. Treat yourself at Victoria’s Secret! They make great special offers at this time. For those who don’t know it, I love everything that smells like strawberry or mango. This time, mango conquered me. Their body cream and fragrance mist are divine. And you can have 5 products for £ 30, yay!


8. Enjoy free museums! British Museum, National Gallery, Science Museum, Tate Modern and so on, London is full of beautiful museums, the choices are almost endless…

british museum

9. Have an afternoon tea with the French touch! Afternoon teas are known to be expensive (around  £ 40 per person) but you can treat yourself with a gourmet break at Le Vieux Comptoir in the Marylebone Village. I tried this address and I don’t regret it, it was absolutely delicious! You can have only sweet dishes or sweet and savory assortment with the tea of your choice. It’s 30 £ for 2 people. I chose the sweet option and I had green tea, lemon meringue pie, Normand apple pie, chocolate crepe, crepe with icing sugar and chocolate mousse, wow! Where to find it? 26/28 Moxton Street, Marylebone Village – London W1U 4EU.

le vieux comptoir

10. Escape to the parks! You know my love for London’s parks. Enjoy, it’s free…


Hope these 10 tips will allow you to have an amazing weekend in London! Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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