10 things I like and dislike about London!

Dear readers,

I was in London for the weekend and I would like to tell you my feelings about this city that thrills so many people in the world, enjoy!


1. The British phlegm! Londoners don’t spend their time complaining, unlike Parisians! Even if the tube is overcrowded or overheated, they keep their cool and I admire that. When we compare this kind of situation in London and in Paris, it looks like two parallel worlds, really…


2. Gallantry! It only remained one free seat in the tube and a man did not hesitate to let me sit. And it was not because I looked old or pregnant, far from it! I can tell you that Parisians are more selfish.

hold the door

3. Good manners! We can see them in the underground again. Nobody stands in the middle of the escalators. And when the tube comes, nobody goes before people are out. Museum staff is friendly, smiling and ask you how you are doing. And sellers thank you for coming in their shop even if you didn’t buy anything!

underground escalators

4. You don’t have to be afraid to ask for directions in the street! People always answer you nicely. Even when they don’t know, they always try to help you by looking either on their smartphone, or by directing you to shops. I like this attitude.

Tourists use a guide book of London near the

5. You can dress like you want! Nobody’s gonna judge you on your clothing appearance or the color of your hair. So don’t be afraid to take your originality!


6. The London Melting Pot! I love the multicultural aspect of the city, either through the different nationalities, world cuisines, bars, music, shows and so on.


7. Pigeons are harmless! While in Paris, they are feared like Hitchcock’s birds, pigeons in London are harmless, even phlegmatic. It is forbidden to feed them and you can quietly stroll without fear of being attacked!

pigeon london

8. Squirrels! You can find them in most of the parks and they are too cute! We don’t have this chance in France so excuse my enthusiasm…


9. The parks! London is full of beautiful parks. My favourite ones are Saint James Park, Finsbury Park and Hyde Park. This is ideal for viewing pleasure, relaxing, walking, playing sports or picnicking.


10. Shopping! London is paradise for shopping fans. Oxford Street, Regent Street, Camden Town, Westfield shopping center and so on, there is a shop for everyone!

london shopping


1. You cannot use euros! When you trade euros against pounds, you have the unpleasant feeling of losing money. Plus, as London is a city where life is expensive, your purchasing power decreases at the same time, damn!


2. British drive on the left! It always disturbs me when I look at the cars on the road. I feel that there is no driver!

london driving

3. You must validate the Oyster card at the entrance AND the exit of the underground! And be careful not to validate twice without meaning to, transportation is very expensive…

oyster card

4. You can see the same ad to infinity along the escalators in the underground! I find it very annoying and it looks like brainwashing!

ad escalators

5. You must know the branches of each platform of the underground by heart if you don’t want to get lost! At first, I thought that knowing the color of each line of the tube would be enough to help me find my way but I was wrong, you have to know all these damned branches, the experience can be quite unnerving…

northern line

6. When you go to the restaurant, don’t forget to add the tip! It’s around 10% of the bill. In France, the service is free and you give a tip only if you are satisfied.

tips uk

7. The weather is very capricious! Alternately hot, cold, windy or rainy in the same day so you never know how to dress! The only solution is to adopt the “onion technique” by superimposing layers of clothing and to keep your sunglasses and your umbrella with you because you never know…

british weather

8. The same word may designate two different things! For example, “bathroom” is the room containing a bathtube or a shower but it also refers to the toilets. And “tea” is not only the favourite drink of English people. It can also mean “dinner”. Oh, vocabulary…

what do you mean

9. The prices are different depending on whether you eat in or take away! It is as if you had to pay an extra just to have a seat…

eat in or take away

10. Coins are bulky! The size of the coins is not logical for me. I don’t understand why the size of the one penny coin is bigger than the size of the five pences coin. The same applies for the size of two pences and ten pences. As I make a confusion between the different coins, I prefer to pay with notes, it’s easier for me…


That’s it! And you, what do you like and dislike about London? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. I will write an article on how to spend a nice weekend in London without breaking the bank soon. Good night 🙂


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  1. wait – you like the pigeons?? 🙂


    1. Haha, I just like the fact that they are not scary like in Paris!! 🙂


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