5 good reasons to enjoy September in Paris!

Hello mates!

September is back and you are feeling blue? Ok, the holidays are over, the weather is purposely cloudy, kids go back to school, adults go back to work but this is not a reason to depress! Here are 5 good reasons to enjoy September in Paris!

1) Navigo pass is 70 euros per month for everyone from now! Think of all the unlimited travel that you will be able to do in the whole Ile-de-France… Money saving, freedom to travel, blessed be the abolition of zones!

navigo 70 euros

2) Paris is dynamic again! The city finally wakes up. Better a Paris full of life than a sleeping Paris. It may seem odd but noisy cars, grumpy people always in a hurry and crowded streets are the essence of Paris!

paris c'est la vie

3) You can buy new stuff! New agenda, new supplies, new clothes, treat yourself! Shopping always puts us in a good mood.

agenda 2015

4) It’s an opportunity to start a new training! Learning new things is great for your personal development. I finally enrolled in the training that I wanted and I can’t wait to start the first courses! That’s how we move forward in life…


5) You can meet new people! Whether at school, work or in your personal life, take the opportunity to expand your social life. It’s always rewarding!

shake hand

Hope these 5 reasons will allow you to overcome the blues of September. Have a nice day, see you soon 🙂

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