Short story number 17!

Dear readers,

As you know, nothing is more beautiful than a love story at its early stages. Here is my seventeenth short story, enjoy reading!

i'm falling for you

Falling for someone.

Lying in her bed, Emeline thought back with delight to her first date with Loïc… They met at the cinema by the greatest chance. It was a Thursday afternoon during the summer holidays. Many people had the idea of taking refuge in dark rooms because of the heat wave. Emeline and Loïc had come alone and were only separated by a seat. The trailers had begun and a teenage couple asked Emeline to move from a seat because the room was full.

Indulgent, she sat next to the young man on her left who gave her a reassuring smile. Quickly, the two teenagers became unbearable, chuckling and kissing loudly with no respect for the other spectators. Emeline politely asked them several times to make less noise but the young couple rebelled and called her a frigid old maid! Being insulted in this way when she was only twenty-four made her really angry and she left the room after half an hour, under the sneers of the two brats.

-“Excuse me! You forgot your handbag!”

It was the young man of earlier. How foolish she had been! Thankfully honest people still existed.

-“Oh my god, thank you so much! My mind is elsewhere today…  Sorry for making you miss the movie.

Don’t worry for that. I wanted to leave too…


Seriously, who would be crazy enough to stay one minute longer with those horrible kids? 

-I totally agree with you. Teens are the worst! By the way, I’m Emeline.

Loïc. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too. I guess the film session is over.

Trust me, we don’t miss anything. This movie looked very bad!

You’re right but I just wanted to escape the heat!

I know another way. Would you like to go out for ice cream?…”

Plesantly surprised, Emeline followed Loïc in Montparnasse district. They managed to find a table for two at Amorino. Emeline ordered a standard cup with her two favourite flavors: mango and raspberry. Loïc chose two scoops of pistachio and chocolate and they continued to get to know each other. Loïc had just finished his engineering studies. He was a year younger than her and had a part time waiter job at the creperie of his father, while waiting to pass interviews. Emeline had managed to find a Marketing Assistant position in a start-up and her contract would start in October. She still had one month holiday and dreamed of meeting new people, all her friends being on vacation. This unexpected meeting with Loïc was very much appreciated!

Emeline was living in Paris for six years and she was surprised to have never met him previously in Montparnasse. It was fantastic the way things pan out. After all, Paris was far from being a village, there were people who did not even know their neighbors so it was not so surprising… It was already 7:00 pm when the boss of Amorino gently asked them to leave because he was closing the shop. The new friends apologized and kept on talking in the street until they passed in front of the creperie of Loïc’s dad. The shift of Loïc was about to begin. He asked Emeline if she wanted to try the crepes of his father. She happily accepted and followed him into the restaurant.

Loïc introduced them and Erwan welcomed her warmly. Loïc apologized for not being able to eat with her because he had to work, customers started to arrive. Embarrassed, Emeline then proposed to come back another day but Loïc’s father insisted that she should stay for dinner. One minute later, she heard him shouting because the other waitress was sick and there was no one to replace her! Erwan was on his own in the kitchen and there were already three families in the dining room. Emeline did not dare to ask where was Loïc’s mother for fear of being indiscreet but she spontaneously proposed to replace the missing waitress. She had been a waitress in a cafe during one of her student jobs.

Erwan greeted her like the Messi and promised to give Emeline a big tip and an excellent meal at the end of the service. Emeline, Loïc and his dad worked tirelessly until 11:00 pm. Then Erwan closed the creperie and served them his best sweet and savory specialties, not to mention the artisanal cider and a shot of Calvados. Emeline had a wonderful time with them, she literally felt like home and loved Breton culture. She refused to be paid, claiming that she had been delighted to help them and eat with them. Erwan gave her three big kisses on the cheeks, told her she would be always welcomed and asked his son to take her home. 

Emeline proposed Loïc to go on foot to enjoy the fresh air and he accepted without flinching. He was really a nice guy and his dad was very kind. And to top it all, Loïc was handsome: tall, with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes like the ocean. Someone like him was probably already taken but she wanted to keep dreaming. Emeline had no idea that at the same time Loïc was admiring her long, jet-black hair, her emerald green eyes and her lovely smile. When they arrived at the entrance of the building where Emeline was living, Loïc told her that he had an amazing time with her and that he was hoping to see her again soon. She told him she felt the same, they exchanged their numbers and kissed at the moment of saying goodbye. 

They wished each other a good night and each one went home with a beating heart and a smile on their face…

thanks 15Hope you enjoyed this short story. Good night 🙂

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