Your reason for living…

Hello poetic souls!

Weekend and sun are conductive to composition. Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!

what is your reason for living

Your reason for living…

Who has never experienced the sensation of swimming against the current?

Who never had the feeling that what happens to us is recurrent? 

Everyone has dreams, everyone has ambitions

But to have a chance to achieve them, we have to submit to certain conditions.

What makes the difference between winners and losers, people who shine and those in the shadow,

It’s their ability to challenge and be always ready to face tomorrow.

There are some who believe in them and in their lucky stars,

There are some who fall down as if they had lost the war. 

If you want more than survive and live the life of your dreams,

Think of all your projects and let them grow like magic beans,

Think about what makes you happy in this world, 

Gather all your courage and don’t be afraid to wield your sword!

The will to live is the strongest of all,

No matter if you find yourself facing a wall,

As long as you know why you are fighting,

You will never lose your reason for living.

Is it love, success, personal development or willingness to bring happiness around you?

It doesn’t matter as long as you do everything to make your dreams come true…

thanks 6

Hope you enjoy this poem. Se you tomorrow 🙂


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