How to boost your creativity! :)

Hello creative souls!

Bill Moyers said “Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous” and I think it’s a beautiful definition of creativity, both simple and impactful. Ok, everyone is more or less creative. In my opinion, creativity is not an innate quality but a skill that is acquired and which must constantly grow. Indeed, if after a while you stop innovating, creativity fades and the world is losing the magic you have breathed into it. I confess that after 191 articles, finding new ideas is far from clear. But as I like finding solutions to issues that concern me, I decided to do some research on how I could boost my creativity and I’m delighted to share these 14 tips with you, enjoy!

1) Write down your ideas! In a notebook or the notepad of your phone, for example. No matter if your ideas seem confused, write them down and keep them in a corner, it will prevent you from losing them and they can still serve you later…

notes 2

2) Sort your ideas by categories! Don’t reject any idea just because some seem unachievable and don’t worry about their order of importance, you will see this later. And arrange them in a table for better visibility!


3) Don’t be afraid to dream big! The more your vision will be large, more likely your project will have to be original. Tell yourself that there is not too crazy idea!

dream big

4) Let your imagination wander! Dreaming allows us to develop more new and original ideas, trust me.

imagination has no limits

5) Think like a kid! Indeed, children accumulate fewer negative energy, they are not afraid of novelty and are always ready to move forward in life. Apply this principle and your creativity will be boosted!

think like a kid

6) Laugh! Laughter generates good mood and well-being. It helps to fight against stress which is often seen as a blocking factor. By being serene, you will access more easily to the path of creativity!

laughing emoticon

7) Stand back! Know that overwork, overflow of emotions, stress and anxiety are against creativity. So calm down, remain objective and the rest will follow…


8) Don’t be afraid of fuzzy ideas! It will allow you to consider all options and your creativity will be boosted magically!

fuzzy ideas

9) Don’t remain confined to your house or office! Go for a stroll in the fresh air, it will clear your mind and inspiration will be reborned…


10) Awaken your curiosity! Open your eyes and observe the world around you. Have fun to break the routine, try new things or activities. It will allow you to cultivate your openness which is great for creativity!

be curious

11) Invest yourself in everything you do! If you love what you do, it will prevent you from giving up and you will get to the bottom of things. Persistence is inherent to creativity.


12) Have a healthy lifestyle! A good diet and good sleep will help you to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. Ideas are always clearer when you feel good about yourself!

healthy lifestyle

13) Run the Six Thinking Hats game! This technique was invented by Edward de Bono. You begin by considering the objective facts (white hat). Then you write the emotions you felt (red hat) and list your associations of ideas without censorship (green hat). Then you make a positive review (yellow hat), a negative review (black hat), and the last hat, the blue one, represents the synthesis. This technique will allow you to better understand the different aspects of your identified issues.


14) Run the Chinese portrait game! Take a sheet and reflect the principle of “If I were…I would be…”. It can be an animal, a color, an element of nature, a delicacy, a means of transportation, a garment, an accessory, a celebrity, a musical style and so on. Give free rein to your imagination and try to justify each of your choice. Creativity should return at full gallop!

chinese portrait

Hope these 14 tips will allow you to boost your creativity. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion or share your own tips in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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