What you should know about Enneagram type 2…

Hello mates!

As you may already know, I am passionate about personality tests and always on the lookout of elements that could help me to know myself better. That’s why I did the Enneagram personality test this afternoon. The Enneagram is a system of study of personality based on 9 behaviors of human nature. This typology is based on a diagram in the form of a star with 9 branches, hence its name. Each of us has a dominant and according to my results, I’m an Enneagram type 2! And I have to say that the information I learned amazed me! This is a compilation of all possible levels for type 2 so don’t take everything for yourself! Enjoy…

type 2

1) General characteristics

type 2 woman

People with type 2 are attentive, generous, demonstrative, they want to please and can be possesive.

Fundamental desire: to feel loved.

Fear: being unwanted, not being worthy of love.

2) Fulfilled levels


Level 1: deeply unselfish, humble and altruistic. They love uncondionally themselves and others. They feel that it’s a privilege to be in the lives of others.

Level 2: empathetic, compassionate, turned to the others, caring and attentive to their needs, sympathetic, warm, sincere and merciful.

Level 3: encouraging and appreciative, able to see the good in others. Helpful but they also take care of themselves, they are really loving people.

3) Average levels


Level 4: they want to be close to others, so they begin to please them. They can be a little too familiar, unburden themselves and be well-meaning for everything. Their attention is seductive: they seek approval, affection and flattery. Love is their supreme value, they are infatuated with their own value and they constantly talk about it.

Level 5: overly intimate and indiscreet. They want to be needed by others. They would like others to be dependent of them: they give but expect in return, send messages in both directions. Intrusive and possessive: dependent, they never sacrifice enough and get tired for everyone, creating needs they can satisfy themselves.

Level 6: they give themselves more and more importance, feeling needed, even if they overstate the credit of what they do for others. They can be hypochondriacs (really???), arrogant, judgemental and presomptuous.

3) Pathological levels


Level 7: they can be manipulative and selfish, blaming others by reminding them how much they owe them. They also can discourage others by making condescending remarks.

Level 8: domineering and coercive, they claim the right to have everything they want from others such as the repair of old debts, money or love.

Level 9: they may excuse or rationalize what they do because they feel abused or victims of others, and feel a bitter resentment and anger. They somatize their aggressiveness and may inflict chronical diseases on themselves. Some can even play comedy!

Oh my god, it sounds so evil…  I honestly think my extreme limit is at level 5. So be reassured, I’m not a psycho!

4) Some famous people with type 2


Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lionel Ritchie, Luciano Pavarotti… Good people overall! Nobody can say that Mother Teresa is a demon, you agree on it.

5) Link of the test I did


It’s in French but I’m sure you can find similar tests in English on the Internet.

Hope this article will help you better understand people with type 2. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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