10 things I dare or dared to do in my life!

Dear readers,

People who don’t know me or don’t know me very well often think, rightly or wrongly, that I am someone inhibited. It is true that I have a shy side but you should know that I also have a challenger side! Managing to get out of your comfort zone is sometimes frightening but also exciting and rewarding at the same time. Here are 10 things I do or dared to do at least once in my life, enjoy!

1) Auditioning for a role as an extra in a movie! Ok, it was not a Hollywood movie but it was a French movie which included some well-known actors in the cast. I have not been selected for the role but it was great to put myself in the shoes of an actress for a few minutes and be filmed by a professional. Playing a fictional character is a very effective way to overcome your shyness, trust me!

auditioning for a movie

2) Writing to the whole world what I think! This is what I regularly do in my articles since the creation of my blog. This project was really dear to my heart and I am proud to have managed to get into this publishing adventure on my own! My readers come from all around the world, I love being able to create an international interaction, it makes me very happy.

to blog

3) Going to the supermarket in my pyjama! I admit that it happens to me from time to time if I spent all day at home. Do you think it’s necessary to be dressed to the nines and apply make-up like a fashion plate just to buy a brick of orange juice and a cereal box? I don’t think so. Don’t be shocked, people have other things to do instead of looking at how you are dressed! I prefer to keep my nice clothes for real outings, seriously…

snoopy pyjama

4) Making videos! I did a video resume where I had fun playing sketches that I had invented and I also have several videos of me singing and playing the guitar. I don’t care if they are not successful, my goal is not to become famous, I just want to be more confident and push my limits. Haters don’t scare me, I just do what I like and this is priceless! I think it allows me to let off steam and express my artistic side.


5) Being sporty! I started running two months ago and I have committed myself to run twice a week, whatever the weather. Last Sunday morning, there was a sudden heavy rain but it didn’t stop me from running 13 kilometers! Running allows me to increase my performance objectives, to test my endurance and my perseverance. I love this sport. It’s funny because a few years ago I would never have believed myself able to do it…


6) Wearing brightly colored nail polish! I started to do it two years ago and I admit that it puts me in a good mood, especially in summer. This may be trivial but before, I forbade myself to wear flashy colors for fear of being noticed. Now I’m no longer afraid to assume my color preferences. If I want to paint my nails in turquoise blue or sweet pink, I don’t hesitate anymore and it feels great!

vernis turquoise

7) Taking the initiative to kiss someone I like first! I admit that it’s very rare that it happens to me. I generally prefer to wait for the other to make the first move but sometimes if all the signs are there, you don’t have to hesitate to give him a boost. Because if both people are shy, you risk waiting a long time yet…

kiss 2

8) Refusing to do something that seems dishonest! I have my principles and I will never do anything illegal. It’s important to know who you are and to respect your values. That’s why I never yield to threats.

no way9) Being honest with my feelings! Even if I can appear hypersensitive, harsh or too passionate, my feelings are part of me. If I love someone, I tell them. The same applies if I don’t feel anything for them. I never play with people’s feelings. Love is not a game to be taken lightly…

love heart 2

10) Continuing to believe in my dreams! Dreams are our reason to exist. They push us to do better and allow us to move forward. It’s thanks to my dreams that I have the motivation to get up every morning!


And you, what are the things you dare to make? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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  1. Emily says:

    I totally relate to this list. It took me years to finally write a blog post. I was terrified but now that I’m here I feel at home. And running? It was so ‘not me’ but I’ve now done a couple of half marathons. I’m still not brave enough to make videos but would love to some day! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate. And congratulations for your half marathons, that’s amazing! I think that everything is possible, you just have to try and push your limits 🙂


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