10 benefits of being single…

Dear lonely souls,

It’s not because he or she dumped you that you have to turn into a widow, a widower, a wreck or an abandoned puppy! You have cried enough to fill a swimming pool, invoked all possible gods to make your other half back in vain, lost sleep, gained or lost weight, lost your faith, your mind or whatever…in short, you are not yourselves anymore and it is time to bring you back to life. Indeed, remember that you had a life before him or her and it was not so bad. So pull yourselves together, take a deep breathe and read the 10 following benefits of being single, enjoy!

1) The anguish of waiting for a text or a call from the other is over! Remember when you were imagining a thousand possible scenarios because you didn’t receive any news… It was torture, wasn’t it? Don’t worry, those days are gone!

no more waiting

2) You have more time for yourself! Take the opportunity to take care of yourself. Sport, music, beauty ritual, extra professional activity, meditation, personal projects…treat yourself!

more time for you

3) You can be independent again! Yes, you are able to live without him or her. Your new priority is yourself! Learning to fend for yourself is one of the greatest satisfactions you can have… You don’t have to depend on anybody, you’re not a baby anymore!


4) You can do everything you want! I mean all the things you gave up when you were a couple. This is freedom, enjoy…

what i want

5) You don’t have to look perfect all the time! Remember that we are not gods or godesses nor princes or princesses… Really be yourself. It’s normal to have your messy hair in the morning. You no longer have to rush in the bathroom when you wake up and you can stay in your Snoopy pyjama on Sunday if you want. You no longer need to be sexy permanently, just release the pressure!


6) You have less constraints! In a relationship, there are always compromises and sacrifices. Now you can decide everything for yourself, isn’t that wonderful?


7) You can save money! Even if it was not always the same who paid, the duo outings are expensive in the long run, not to mention special occasions such as his or her birthday, Christmas, Valentine, the anniversary of the first date and so on… Now you can go shopping in peace or save to go on a trip with your friends, as you wish!


8) You are more available for your family and friends! Admit that you sometimes neglected them when you were a couple. And yet, these are lasting relationships, some  even last from life to death so cherish them…

friends and family

9) You have more space for yourself! You no longer have to share your bed, closet, bathroom or whatever, enjoy your personal space…

my room my rules

10) You still have a chance to be happy! Your life is far from over. Keep only the good memories of your ex, forget the bad ones, there is no point to hurt yourself. Tell yourself that the best is yet to come. If you learn to love yourself, you will be ready to love and be loved again. In the meantime, enjoy your life and your new freedom!

happy pinguin

Hope these 10 reasons will help you enjoy your new single life! You are awesome as you are and the next person who will share you life will be very lucky to have you. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂

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