Short story number 15!

Dear readers,

As you know, I’m an incurable romantic. What I like about writing is that you can control the destiny of your characters, contrary to real life. After all, a little bit of daydreaming doesn’t hurt anyone… Here is my fifteenth short story, enjoy reading!


Everything is possible.

When Clément dumped her, Nathalie thought that she would die of sorrow. She came back home in tears and took refuge in her room. Everything had stopped so suddenly, she felt like living a waking nightmare. They were supposed to talk about their relationship as adults and of course she had behaved like a kid. Emotions had taken over her reason. How did they get there?

The previous month had been particularly tense between them. Nathalie found her boyfriend had changed. He was in a bad mood, gloomy and refused to tell her what was going on. She naively thought it was temporary and that things would work out by themselves. When Clément asked her to give him some time to think, as she hated conflict and did not want to be intrusive, she agreed to give him space for a while and continued to live her life without worrying too much. 

Unfortunately, Clément and Nathalie did not have the same concept of time. After five days of silence, she sent him a text to ask from him. Irritated, he answered that he would call her at the end of the week. No smiley, no good night, no kisses. And he had called her by her first name, not by her usual nickname. How could he become so cold? She was his girlfriend and he treated her like a piece of dirt! Angry and hurt by this attitude, she decided to call him to have an explanation but he had already turned off his phone. What a jerk! How could he do that to her?

She no longer recognized him. It was as if he had changed his personality. Everything was so perfect before. Their first date had taken place in Paris, the City of Love where Nathalie was living. Clément was from Lyon. They had met at the birthday of a Lyonnais mutual friend and had immediately sympathized. The attraction they felt for eah other was palpable but nothing happened. They had discussed, exchanged their numbers and Clément had told Nathalie he would be in Paris for few days the next month.

She did not think he was talking seriously, so when he asked her if she was available to show him around Paris, she could not contain her joy and even offered to pick him up at the train station. The day before his arrival, she took three hours to choose her outfit. Finally she opted for a more casual look. After all, they never said it would be a date. She had to test the waters before making the first step.

Her heart had started to beat faster when the train arrived on track. Watching people getting out of the train was torture, Nathalie had the feeling that everything was idling. She was starting to lose hope when he suddenly appeared, smiling and looking better than ever. He embraced her like an old friend and she gave him a kiss on the lips to test his reaction. Usually she was not so bold but something told her that luck was on her side, she had nothing to lose and wanted to make it clear. Pleasantly surprised, Clément naturally took her hand and they kissed again on the subway platform.

Nathalie felt like floating on a cloud. Everything looked beautiful and romantic thanks to the magic of Paris. She took Clément to one of her favourite bars and then they went for a long walk along the Seine. It was already night-time when he accompanied her until the gate of her building. They took forever to say goodbye before Clément returned to his hotel. The four days that followed were equally wonderful. It was literally love at first sight.

Clément and Nathalie continued to blossom in their relationship by multiplying the round trips between Lyon and Paris during four months and things began to worsen when they discovered the flaws of each other. What seemed cute at first suddenly became problematic. Nathalie sometimes behaved like a spoiled child and Clément had a very independent side. She needed attention while he dreamed of more freedom. She felt the need to talk about her problems as he preferred to keep his worries for himself. She wanted more tenderness whereas he needed less demonstrations of affection. It was like night and day, something had broken. 

The day of the breakup, Nathalie met her boyfriend in a coffee shop with the intention to fix things. But when she saw that Clément was about to announce bad news, she lost her composure and burst into tears. She was so upset that she listened only half of what he said and she kept interrupting Clément to ask him not to give up on her. It was impossible to communicate. Clément lost patience and told her coldly that they could not continue like this. Nathalie remembered that he reproached her for being selfish, not understanding and not responsive. She blamed him for being cold, distant and heartless. Overwrought, he declared that their relationship was over and that it was impossible to fix it. He had taken his decision and he would not change his mind. 

Desperate and crazy about anxiety, Nathalie promised him to change and to become a better person but he did not believe her. He did not think that she could change and did not want her to change. She begged him to think again about it but he only said he was sorry, wished her the best and hurriedly left. Nathalie remained paralyzed for a minute, in shock. Then she wanted to run after him but he was already gone. She tried to call him on his phone but she was automatically redirected to his voicemail. Clément was surely on his way to the train station at this time. How could he disappear so quickly without even giving her time to say goodbye? It was insane and the cruellest way to leave someone. They could not split like this, it was impossible…

She had to go to Gare de Lyon as fast as possible to catch Clément before it was too late. Nathalie was breathless when she arrived in front of the departures board of the train station. The next train to Lyon was leaving in five minutes, maybe Clément was still on the platform. Her heart was about to explode but Nathalie ran with all the strength she had left to reach the platform. Then she saw him. She would recognize him among a thousand people. Clément!

Surprised to hear her voice, Clément turned back immediately. Nathalie ran to him and asked him to stay. His face softened briefly but he was determined to leave. He did not think he was the right person for her, hoped they could remain friends and wished her to find someone else. Nathalie tried to stop him one last time but he was already on the steps. A security guard asked her to leave. Clément waved his hand and disappeared in the car of the train without looking back. Powerless, Nathalie watched the train move away, silent tears streaming down her cheeks. Clément was gone and they did not even have a last kiss or a last hug, how sad and cruel! It was time to go home…

Curled up in her room, Nathalie was seeing her story with Clément flash by. Everything went so fast and everything had vanished in a flash. They only had few months together but they were the most intense months of her life. Clément had brought so much happiness in her life before. How could he make her suffer so much now? It made no sense for her. All couples had their ups and downs. Nathalie did not understand why Clément did not want to give them a second chance. She was convinced that he had sincerely loved her. Feelings could not disappear overnight. Something else had happened and she had no idea of what it was. If only she had listened to him in the café instead of crying like a crazy…

She was such a baby and clearly lacked of maturity. She had lost all dignity, she should never have begged Clément, it was the best way to make him run away. Nathalie had to pull herself together, grow up and regain control of her life and her emotions. Nobody liked girls who cry but crying was the only thing she wanted to do right now. She had lost the man she loved, how was she supposed to smile? There would be no longer passionate reunions at the train station, no more kisses in front of Notre Dame, no more romantic dinner in their favourite bouchon lyonnais, no more flyboat cruise, no more stroll in the Tête d’Or park, no more competitive challenge, no more hug, no more project, no more love…nothing more. They still had so many things to discover together, their breakup looked like a premature death.

After crying until exhaustion, Nathalie decided to call her friends to the rescue. Héloïse was the specialist for hugs, she was the mother of the group. Mila brought funny movies and ice cream, and Noah came with an action plan, he was the most strategic of all her friends. Spending time with her mates cheered Nathalie up for a moment. But when they left, she could not help but start crying in the darkness of her room. It was the first night, she had the right to cry. She would start Noah’s coaching the next day.

At seven o’clock sharp in the morning, Noah came knocking at her door with his running outfit and a smoothie. Nathalie did not often play sports but her friend told her that running would help her release the pressure and strengthen her heart, it was very appreciated with the current situation. After putting on her sneakers, Nathalie followed Noah until Montsouris Park and she managed to run for one hour. The first five kilometers were the hardest. But after two weeks of daily training, Nathalie became increasingly enduring, managing to run over ten kilometers without collapsing. She warmly thanked Noah for that. At every kilometer passed, she felt literally revived. 

A first step was already taken. At least Nathalie continued to take care of her body, she would not end up obese by gobbling Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pots. Another important step was to detach herself from Clément. As hard as it may seem, Nathalie had to learn to live without him, she had to become a strong and independent girl if she wanted him to stop considering her as a baby. Her friends employed then drastic measures: Héloïse recovered all pictures of Nathalie and Clément on an external hard drive, and forced her to change the background of her smartphone. Mila asked her to put all their souvenirs in a box that she took with her. And Noah challenged her to stop signing on the social networks for a month and to block Clément’s number for an indefinite period.

Nathalie tried to protest and called them insane and cruel. She did not want to forget Clément and she did not want him to forget her. She finally agreed when her friends promised to keep her informed if they received any news from Clément. It was for her own good and the only way to help her heal. Nathalie tried to stay strong in front of her entourage but she continued to dream of him at night. Her dreams were the only place where she could see him again. Deep in her heart, she continued to love him and was convinced that one day they would eventually end up together again. They were Clément and Nathalie like Derek and Meredith or Ross and Rachel. No matter the hardships they would have to cross, one day they would be a couple again. She would never give up that dream…

One month had already passed since the breakup and Nathalie had met all her commitments. Her friends were proud of her. Noah allowed her to reconnect on the social networks on the condition that she continues not to contact Clément. She reluctantly agreed but did not dare to contradict him. Indeed, he knew what he was doing and he was a good friend. She asked her mates if they heard about Clément. They did not know much, Clément was not very active on the Internet but Heloïse told Nathalie that he would attend the House warming party of one of their other mutual friends in Lyon the next month. This event was scheduled for two weeks on Facebook and Nathalie was not even aware of it because of the restriction imposed by Noah! She was so mad that she yelled at him. Imperturbable, Noah reminded her their agreement and calmed her down by saying that the event had not yet occured and that they still had time to develop a new strategy.

Their Lyonnais friend had not put Nathalie on the guest list on the request of her best mates. They wanted to give her a chance to meet Clément without arousing his suspicions. Noah recommended Nathalie to continue to go out and meet new people in order to maintain a busy social life and keep confidence in herself. Nathalie followed his advice and two weeks later, Mila told her that Clément asked if she knew the new friends of Nathalie. It was a sign that he still thought of her. All hope was not lost but Noah advised her to keep a cool head. He had already prepared the next strategy and Nathalie was more impatient than ever.

The D-day finally arrived and Clément had no idea that Nathalie was coming. Noah had made her promise not to try to seduce her ex. They had to test the waters first and the goal was to reconnect with him as naturally as possible. She should not exclude the idea that he might already have someone else in his life so she had to prepare for this eventuality…

The party was in full swing when Noah and Nathalie deliberately arrived with one hour late. Clément was there and he could not hide his surprise when he saw his ex. Nathalie had now a more refined and athletic silhouette, she had embellished and sounded more confident. She still looked like a child-like woman but something had changed in her. He stood up to greet her and she kissed him like an old friend, without showing the slightest sign of discomfort.

Later in the evening, Clément asked Nathalie if she was dating Noah. She naturally answered that he was one of her best friends and asked Clément if he was accompanied by someone. He was still single. She managed to hide her joy and continued to discuss with him amicably. At the end of the party, Clément told Nathalie that it was good to see her and proposed to meet her the next time he would be in Paris again.

Paris had been the trigger of their story and it was in the City of Lights that they learned to know each other again without hurry this time. They exchanged their new first kiss at the end of the fifth date. Nathalie was determined not to repeat the same mistakes. She had become strong and independent, she was no longer a lost little girl as before. Her breakup with Clément had allowed her to grow personally. Clément himself had become more mature, open and patient since their separation. They had parted to better find themselves. Nathalie was sure of it, this time they were together for good and nothing could separate them again…

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Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you soon 🙂


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