How to find your career path!

Hello world!

Since primary school, every year we were asked what we would like to do later in life. Some already had a very clear idea of what they wanted to become, others had more fanciful dreams, and some told themselves they would have all the time to think about it. But now, the years have passed, you’ve finished your studies and graduated. Congratulations! Are you happy now? Have you achieved your dreams? If so, do everything not to lose what you have hard won. If not, this article is for you! Finding our career path and the job that really fits us is not an easy thing. What is your mission on Earth? The answer is more complex than we think, especially when we are invaded by a thousand doubts about our capabilities, our chances of success and the vision of our future. Don’t worry, we have all been there. Here are 17 tips to help you see clearer, enjoy!

1) Tell yourself that you can have multiple career paths! We are not condemned to have one and only job in our lives, far from it. Change your mindset. Be open-minded, curious and creative! Life is made of constant changes and adjustments. Isn’t that exciting?

several paths

2) Say yes to singular opportunities! Apply for missions that intrigue you and ignore those that annoy you. The best way to experience different types of missions would be to apply for interim positions or fixed-term contracts. Nobody can blame you to be interested in different career opportunities. This will develop your openness and your adaptability!


3) It’s only by trying that you’ll know if it’s right for you! Consider jobs such as clothing. Try to get into it and see how you’re doing. This will save you from having regrets later.


4) See obstacles as evil video game characters you have to fight! Seeing professional challenges as games will allow you to release the pressure and you will have more fun like this.


5) Don’t be afraid to change your plans! If plan A doesn’t work, think about a plan B, C or D. Nothing should stop you to reach your goal, be confident and resourceful!


6) Live your own dreams, not those of others! This is the only way to be free and happy. Nobody should dictate to you how to live your life!

live your dreams

7) Choose your friends carefully! Stay with those who believe in you, support you and pull you up. Stay away from dream breakers!

don't let small minds

8) Make your skills merge! You are not good at only one thing. Try to find an activity that combines several of your skills.

skills merge

9) Focus on the present! Ask yourself what you want to do now, not in 10 years. Set up daily goals, don’t worry about the future.


10) Don’t be afraid to change your mind! What you wanted 5 years ago might not be what you need today. Don’t hesitate to rethink things over, your personal development matters above all.

change is possible

11) Read personal development books! The more you will get informed on the subject, the more you will know how to act.

Background concept wordcloud illustration of personal development glowing light

12) Don’t hesitate to talk about your projects to your surroundings and to your network! They may be able to help you or give you some pieces of advice, you never know… We are more motivated when we are supported!

my project

13) Don’t think only with your head, the choice of your heart matters as well! You must know yourself well to determine what you need. Make a list of your qualities, your skills, your interests and your passions. This should help you target better the potential jobs that fit you!


14) Combine work and pleasure! You must find a job that makes sense for you. This is the best reason to get up every morning! Explore all the positions that could be related to what you like to do. Give yourself the means to make your dreams come true! Work should not serve only to pay your bills, it would be sad otherwise…


15) Find your passion! What is your favourite hobby? What can you do for hours without being bored? How would you spend your days if you won the lottery? For what kind of service do you like helping people? Write your answers and read them to identify recurrent themes. This should help you find your vocation!


16) Transform your passion into a business project! Think if you need an additional training to get there or not. And do extensive research not to waste your money. Think about your extra professional activities. Even if they were not salaried activities, maybe you have learned enough to launch your project! Only you know the answer…

business plan

17) Believe in yourself! Don’t let anyone discourage you. Be the master of your life! This is the first step to succeed.

believing in yourself

Hope these 17 tips will help you or people you know to find your career path. Life is too short to give up on your dreams. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂


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