What your favourite colors reveal about your personality…

Hello everybody!

As well as I read horoscopes just for fun, I also like doing research on which may influence our personality and I think colors are part of it. As with astrology, there are elements that I find rather relevant, and others that leave me more skeptical. This is a generic condensed so don’t take everything at face value, enjoy!

1) Light blue! This is one of my favourite colors. It refers to heaven and living water, it suggests an impression of lightness, freshness and quietness. It’s also very reassuring. Those who wear this color are usually sweet, imaginative, creative and sensitive. Your dreamy temperament can make you look like a passive person because you let your thoughts occupy your mind too much. Your friends don’t hesitate to ask your advice because you know how to listen and guide them in their choices.

light blue 2

2) Dark blue! Everything that is blue has my approval. This color is connected to intuition, it traditionnally refers to the physical and higher vision, it calms the emotions. Once you make a decision, you do your best to run it. Strength and determination are your main character traits. You’re not afraid to follow your instincts!

dark blue

3) Red! Another beautiful color. It means that your character is animated by passion, sensuality and desire. It can also be associated with anger and agressiveness. You are dynamic but sometimes impulsive. Challenges don’t scare you and you do everything to meet them. Sociable and extraverted, you struggle to endure loneliness and you need to be surrounded by close friends. What is nice is that you love taking care of your mates.


4) Green! I don’t have a lot of green clothes but it’s a nice color. Green is the color of hope, nature, balance, youth and health. It expresses the will to act, continuity and perseverance. People who wear this color are usually quiet and modest. You’re a sincere person who can be trusted. Your flaw is to be physically affected by the little daily worries.


5) Yellow! This is a color that I never wear. Yellow is the color of spirit and change. It denotes a willingness to release some frustrations and restrictions. It also allows you to have confidence in yourself and in your abilities. You have a radiant and cheerful personality, you breathe the joy of living. You have the ability to send waves of happiness around you and your levity doesn’t prevent you to have a keen analytical spirit. Good for you, you always stay one step ahead…


6) Pink! I think it’s a cute color. Pink symbolizes softness, love, purity and loyalty. It evokes the delicate feminine beauty and returns a peaceful vision. Those who wear this color have usually an unfailing optimism. You love being surrounded by beautiful things and the harmony of the objects around you is very important to you. Indeed, you cannot live in a chaotic environment!

pink 2

7) Orange! This is an ideal color for the summer. Color of enthusiasm, ardor and the desire for power, orange induces a feeling of well being and happiness. You are reckless and like the adventure! With an unfailing optimism, you still get to see the bright side of things. Your enthusiasm makes people addicted to your personality.

orange color

8) Purple! I never wear this color. Purple is a dual color. It suggests mystery, richness and delicacy but also discomfort, disorder and provocation. It can express a melancholic spirit, a need for tenderness and sweetness. Your purpose in life is to create an ideal world around you. And your perfect world begins with your originality manifested through your clothing style or your hairstyles. Your flaw is that you have a slight tendency to self-centeredness.


9) Black! Who has no black clothes in his closet? Black is the ultimate symbol of elegance and modernity, while symbolizing the authority. It is also traditionally associated with mourning, death and darkness. You are the kind of person who wants to impress without necessarily attract attention. For you, cultivate the mystery is not a quest but a second nature. You like discipline and are usually the one who imposes the rules. You’re not afraid of power. Thanks to your original and unique ideas, you get to shine and make yourself indispensable.


10) White! I like this color as well. White is a reference of purity, light, truth and a new beginning. Idealistic and dreamy, you are able to wait for the love of your life for a long time. You are not interested in flirtations and platonic love stories. Your creative and imaginative character is your best ally in the professional field: you instill a breath of fresh air that makes you completely indispensable and unique! Your unique flaw would be your changing personality…


Now you will know where you stand when you’ll choose the color of your clothes. I think our mood greatly influences the choice of colors, our personality cannot be reduced to a single character trait, it’s a more complex mosaic.

And you, what are your favourite colors? Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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