Acrostic on acceptance ♥

Hello mates!

It’s been ages since my last acrostic. I think it’s a good exercise to keep improving my writing, enjoy reading!

it is what it is


Accepting reality starts when you stop closing your eyes to the facts,

Change is scary but facing our fears allows us to grow,

Continuing to move forward involves to turn the page of the past,

Evolving means giving ourselves a chance to chase the dark shadows.

Past cannot be changed but you can still act on your future,

Throw your negative thoughts, make room for optimism,

All wounds can heal when there are no longer sutures,

Now it’s time to stand up and get rid of pessimism.

Cherish your life because it’s a priceless treasure, it’s up to you to build your happy future.

Even when you feel like everything is austere, know that the sky always ends up clear.

thanks 2Hope you enjoyed this acrostic. Have a nice day 🙂



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