10 silly clichés about love!

Dear romantic souls,

We might be sentimental people, we cannot accept any cliché, especially when it comes to love. Here are 10 clichés about love that piss me off because it is so cliché, enjoy!

1) “Love shows up when you least expect it!” If it’s true that you can have feelings for someone unexpectedly, don’t exaggerate by saying that love falls from the sky, we are not so naive! Let’s be realistic, it’s not by staying locked in your house that love will knock at your door. The balcony scene in Romeo & Juliet doesn’t exist in real life. Love doesn’t smile to lazy people, so make way for action!

unexpected relationship

2) “Love gives you wings and makes you feel lighter!” When we are lovesick, we tend to eat less, but those who are in a stable and lasting relationship would tend to put on weight, according to some studies I will not mention. That would probably explain the famous belly of the quarantine… Fingers crossed that this disastrous cliché is never realized! And the “All you need is love” cliché is not true at all, we would know it otherwise.


3) “Sometimes what you are looking for is just below your eyes!” We need to change glasses then! Stop with that, it’s too cliché. And we must be careful where our eyes land, some idylls are simply impossible. It’s only in Disney movies that heroines fall in love with the first male they see, which is very imprudent, as we’ll have seen in Frozen.

in front of you

4) “The next one will be the right one!” Love is not a matter of calculation of probabilities, far from it. It’s nothing rational or mathematical. It’s impossible to bet on it. If it was true, people would never have more than two relationships in their lives. Unfortunately, it is far from the case, although there are some exceptions.

one love

5) “There is plenty more fish in the sea!” You only have to lose one person to feel miserable. So going out with ten others will not make you happier… However, Lamartine is right when he says “One person is missing and the whole place is deserted.” Maybe love is blind finally?

plenty fish

6) “You don’t find anyone because you are too difficult!” Should we accept anyone so far? Surely not! It’s because we have dignity, value, dreams and objectives in life that the quest for love can take time. It is said that patience always ends up being rewarded so do not rush! But don’t wait 10,000 years either, you will have time to die otherwise…

too much to ask

7) “Pretty as you are, you will find someone soon!” Beauty is not everything and it is ephemeral so do not count on it if you are looking for a serious relationship. Better have charm and a brain than being a bimbo. I hate the cliché “Be beautiful and shut up!”, it is so sexist!

you're beautiful james blunt

8) “We always recognize true love!” The real world has nothing to do with the Disney universe. If it was true, everyone would be happy and in love, and nobody would be heartbroken. We are off the mark!

true love disney

9) “Love hurts!” This is the livelihood of singers, poets and writers. Ok, love can hurt but hopefully it can also make you happy! You just have to find the right person…


10) “Better alone than in bad company!” Yes, it’s true but it’s never pleasant to hear this cliché, especially when it is said by people who are happy and in a relationship. One more reason to hate it. But hey, pull yourself together, being alone shouldn’t give you an excuse to swallow a barrel of ice cream! It would be the best way to remain single forever…


Hope these 10 clichés will put a smile on your face. Everyone deserves to love and be loved but we must not live only for it. Life is great, whether you are single or in a relationship. So continue to enjoy your life, the rest will follow. xoxo 🙂


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