How to avoid being naive!

Hello world!

By dint of watching Disney movies or living in the world of Care Bears, we tend to let our guard and to give our trust too easily in any field. Big mistake! The world in which we live is unfortunately not composed solely of well-meaning people. To avoid being hurt or being fooled, here are 18 tips to help you not to fall in the trap of naivety, get ready!

1) Don’t rush to take important decisions! You might regret it later. Never agree to make a decision immediately without having had time to learn about the situation. If someone urges you to decide too quickly, be aware that this can hide a lie, so careful!


2) Be more skeptical! When people expose you a situation, make efforts to be more critical. Do just like journalists, always check your sources of information!

who what where etc

3) Don’t give your trust too easily! When you meet new people, make sure that they are trustworthy, never give your trust blindly! This applies to everyone, regardless of age or position. Like this, nobody will be able to take advantage of you!

be trustworthy

4) Don’t draw conclusions too quickly! You must know all the facts before drawing any conclusion. So never make any hasty assumption! Taking time to think will prevent you from commiting a mistep.


5) Beware of anything that sounds too good to be true! Extraordinary offers are mostly scams. Remember that nothing is free is this world. The person still expects something in return and sometimes it can get you in trouble…


6) You’re not a kid anymore! So don’t believe everything you are told. A grown-up must be vigilant and thoughtful!

don't believe everything

7) Anecdotes are not evidence of truth! The experience of others is not enough to constitute a generality. So sharpen your critical thinking and see by yourself!

critical thinking

8) Don’t hesitate to look for detailed information! Getting a maximum of information about a situation will help you to be less naive. You can find out on the Internet, in newspapers or from a reliable person. In any case, always check the authenticity of your sources of information.

more information

9) Look for evidence! Reason like a scientist, do library research, lean on official publications, ask questions to experts…  This kind of attitude will empower you more, trust me.


10) Admit that you cannot know everything! We don’t have infused science and that’s ok. Avoid acting like you know everything to avoid unpleasant surprises and don’t claim your ignorance from the rooftops, some people might abuse your credulity…

you know nothing jon snow

11) Read more! By educating yourself, you will become less naive. Books, scientific journals, novels or other, treat yourself! The thirst of knowledge will allow you to have a more realistic view of the world around us.


12) Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It will help you better understand the situation.The more questions you will ask, the less people will trick you!

ask questions

13) Don’t hesitate to ask for several opinions! Vary your sources of information to develop your critical thinking. Don’t rely on only one person because nobody have infused science. Expand your horizons to sort fact from fiction!

what do you think

14) Don’t be afraid to say no! Naive people are often too nice to say no, which makes them more vulnerable against people of bad intention. So feel free to say no if you have a bad feeling. Prevention is better than cure!

no15) Don’t listen to rumors and gossip! You cannot believe everything you hear, there is a good chance that they are false. Learn to form your own opinion and don’t let anyone manipulate you!

no gossip

16) Beware of people who have already tried to fool you in the past! Be on your guard because they could do it again…

no trust

17) Don’t reply to suspicious emails! Especially when it comes from someone you don’t know. And people you know can also be hacked. So call them to check if the story is true. Delete all the suspicious emails, it will prevent you from being fooled.


18) Learn to decrypt the expressions of people! Mechanical smile, shifty eyes, hurry attitude, hesitations or excessive confidence, learn to recognize the liars…

liar liar

Hope these 18 tips will allow you to fight naivety and protect you from bad people. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂


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