Short story number 14!

Dear aspiring writers,

It’s been a while since my last short story. Inventing stories is an exercise which I never get tired. So here is my fourteenth short story, enjoy reading!

memories heart

Memories of love.

Ellie dreamed of great love since she was sixteen. Her friends laughed at her and regularly told her to come down to earth. Unfortunately, it was impossible with her dreamy temperament. Like many teenagers, she dated boys in high school and ended heartbroken more than once. At twenty three years old, she met Bastien during her gap year and quickly fell in love with him. What she felt for him was so strong that this time she really thought she had found the right one.

He had made the first step by taking her hand while they were strolling in a shopping street. Rain had started to fall and they ran to take refuge under a bus stop. They took a random bus. It was overcrowded but they didn’t care. They remained interwined the whole way, enjoying the happiness of being together. Everything happened naturally, they did not even need to talk. Bastien took Ellie in a bar. They had a drink and played table football. Then Ellie accompanied him to the train station and they kissed for the first time. October 16, 2013. Ellie would remember this date forever as the beginning of their story.

Their relationship quickly evolved. They did not live in the same city but this did not prevent them from being very close. Each reunion was magical, passionate and full of surprises. Ellie and Bastien never get bored together because they did not know the routine. Their time was counted so they enjoyed every minute together. Ellie had never felt this way about anyone and she had never been more radiant. Bastien was all she dreamed about: tall, cute, funny, caring and smart. He had gorgeous eyes, a frank and warm smile, an artist’s hair and an addictive fragrance. What more could she ask for?

When she was with him, she felt revived and safe, all her doubts were flying. She was feeling beautiful, desired and loved. Thanks to Bastien, Ellie was the happiest girl in the world. She wanted to give the best of herself. With her boyfriend, she felt that everything was possible. She thought that nothing bad could happen to them. She believed in him and in their future. Bastien was the first boyfriend that Ellie introduced to her friends and family. He was so charismatic that everyone loved him. Indeed, Bastien litterally distilled happiness and joy of living.

The honeymoon phase lasted five months. Five perfect months full of love, complicity and laughter. Five incredible months without any argument. Even when they did not see each other, they remained close and maintained good communication. Nothing seemed to hinder their happiness. They could have been elected best couple of the year. Unfortunately, Ellie and Bastien gradually had to get off their cloud nine and discover the reality of life as a couple. 

After their graduation, both of them had to find a job. Bastien quickly found a Finance consultant position while Ellie accumulated odd jobs. She had a Masters degree in Marketing and this area was blocked. Bastien tried to help her to apply at the beginning to show her his support but he got quickly snapped up by his work. Ellie had to find a position on her own. She was working as a waitress in a Starbucks during the day and when she was going home, she no longer had the strength or energy to apply. 

Bastien advised her to resign after four months to perceive the unemployment benefit and focus on seeking a job corresponding to her level of education. Ellie agreed without asking any questions. Unfortunately, the fact of spending all her days at home made her depressed and she started increasingly to complain. Because of his work, Bastien had less time to text her and he couldn’t see her every month as before. Sometimes, he came home so exhausted that he fell asleep directly without even eating.

Ellie took it very badly and disputes rang out. Annoyed and tired, Bastien no longer even make the effort to answer and his girlfriend started to become anxious. It was a vicious circle because the more she worried, the more he became distant. In order to try to fix things, Ellie proposed to come to visit him but he always found an excuse to put it off until later. Ellie then developed another destructive fear: the fear of losing him and of being abandoned. She had fallen into emotional dependency without realizing it and it announced the beginning of the end…

The last weekend Bastien came to see her, they had some good times but it was not like before, something was broken and Ellie felt it deep in her heart. She blamed her boyfriend and another dispute broke out the day before his departure. Ellie started to cry and Bastien hated to see her like this. He took her in his arms, comforted her and reassured her as best he could to calm her down. Then everything became momentarily as before and it was already time to accompany Bastien to the train station. 

Ellie apologized for her attitude and hugged him to say goodbye. They kissed again but there was less passion than usual. Ellie was far from suspecting that it was their last kiss. You never know when it is the last kiss. They broke up two weeks later. Ellie cried and begged Bastien to make him change his mind but he remained inflexible. She promised to make efforts and change her attitude but it was too late. She had lost Bastien. She had lost the man she loved and he would not come back.

It was not supposed to end like this. Their story was not supposed to end. Lying on her bed, Ellie thought about the first time she had met Bastien. The first time they kissed and fell in love. They had so many projects together, they felt so confident and happy… Now she was left with nothing. She only had memories. All the hopes and promises had disappeared all of a sudden. But her life was not over. She would rebuild herself, become independent again, prove to Bastien that she could live without him and win him back. It would take time but she would not give up. One day they would be together again because they were made for each other…

thanks 2Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you tomorrow 🙂


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