How to have a positive attitude! :)

Hello mates!

As you know, Parisian people are known to be grumpy but this is not a reason to be pessimistic, even if life is not always kind to us. Moping will only make you feel more miserable so it’s better to stay positive to keep control of your life. It’s easier said than done but nothing is impossible. Read the 17 following tips without further delay!

1) Avoid negative people! No matter if they are close people or not, their negativity could be contagious. Remember that your goal is to feel better!

no negative vibes

2) Surround yourself with the right people! I mean friends who will reboost you instead of pulling you down. Their strength of character will help you to improve your vision of the situation and you will feel more confident to cope.

positive people

3) Learn to say no! Don’t force yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable. This applies to all areas.

saying no

4) See the bright side of things whatever the situation! For example, if you didn’t get what you want, tell yourself that it’s only postponed. It doesn’t matter if the bakery is running out of croissants. There are still plenty of pains au chocolat! And you can come back tomorrow for croissants, it’s not the end of the world…


5) All experience is salutary!  Whether they are good or bad, experiences allow us to build ourselves and move forward in life. The key is to understand why you succeeded and why you failed. It’s the only way to progress!


6) Focus yourself only on things that you can change! You’re going to waste your strengths and your energy for nothing otherwise. This is the best way not to end up frustrated!

focus on the things you can change

7) Smile! It will eventually improve your mood, it’s scientifically proven. Remember that a smile costs nothing but gives a lot!

smile 4

8) Take a break! If you get out of a bad patch, take time for yourself to relax and clear your mind. It will recharge your batteries!


9) Every day, find time to practice an activity that you love! Sport, music, reading, writing, drawing, cinema or other, treat yourself! Like this, you can be sure that a good thing will happen every day…

i love it

10) Plan regular outings with your close friends! It’s important to have a busy social life. Knowing that you will have fun can only put you in a good mood! And don’t hesitate to ask for their support if necessary. True friends are also there for that.

outing with friends

11) Force yourself to have positive thoughts! You can find a lot of positive quotes on the Internet. Changing your perspective of life will make things easier to bear!

positive thoughtd

12) Think of solutions and actions to improve your life! Don’t forget that you are the master of your life so you shouldn’t be fatalistic. For example, if you want to lose weight, work out and eat healthy to reach your goal.

Help button

13) Think back to what is really a priority for you! I mean important things which are difficult to replace. Is it health? Security? Love? Friends? Family or something else? Everyone has not the same definition of happiness so it’s up to you to know what really matters to you. The rest doesn’t deserve that you worry too much.


14) Think of the secondary things for you! I mean important things but replaceable like work, material objects and so on. It will allow you to relativize, trust me!


15) Continue to make new projects! It will force you to be active and not to be a prisoner of your life. Set up realistic goals to stay motivated and move on! Fighting for your dreams generates positive energy.


16) Only follow advice that seem relevant to you! It’s good to have several opinions but you must also know how to take matters into consideration. The final decision is yours, ok?


17) Don’t be afraid to fall! Fear breeds fear. So learn to stand up even if you fail. Never give up and be persistent! Like this, you will stay positive and you will learn from your mistakes.

Quote - afraid to try

Hope these 17 tips will allow you to stay positive. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂


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