All you need to know about Pisces…

Dear Pisces,

I usually read my daily horoscope just for fun but last night, by doing research on my astrological sign, I had to admit that some revelations are troubling for truth. Coincidence? I don’t think so. At least I think that knowing yourself astrologically can help to make your own skills assessment. So if you are Pisces or if you know Pisces people, read without further delay this article…

1. Who is concerned?

pisces 2All people born between February 20 and March 20. I’m not interested in the planets, seasons, elements or colors but in the personality of Pisces in the different areas of their lives. This is a generic portrait so don’t take everything at face value, ok? Even me, I don’t correspond to all the elements. Otherwise it would be scary!

2. General character traits:

pisces traitsPisces can be emotional, dependent, sensitive, introverted, adaptable, artist, enigmatic, difficult to define, friendly, moody, distracted, dual nature, receptive, they favor self-giving  and they are struggling to face reality.

3. Social:

socialIrrational, Pisces are very receptive and imaginative. They live in their world and often confuse dreams and reality. It allows them to soften the daily but it prevents them to face certain realities. That’s why they call certain decisions later. Dual sign, Pisces have 2 visions of life: selflessness, compassion and charity or escape in an artificial paradise. The ascent to heaven or the descent to hell. Pisces often experience conflicting emotions. Emotional, Pisces are impressionable and not very confident. The general atmosphere has much impact on their mood. Very sensitive, they get upset easily. But they are good friends despite their initial shyness. Pisces can be naive and very kind so they must beware of manipulative people. They like to be surrounded and supported. Faithful, they are very devoted to their friends over the years.

4. Work:

workPisces love to work in peace and harmony. They don’t like overly competitive environments and prefer to move at their own pace. The working environment has a significant impact on their productivity and motivation plays an important role in their work. Pisces are showing great professionalism, they assume with precision and cleverness the tasks they are given. They are very good for teamwork, they have good communication skills and get along well with their colleagues. Their flaw is to be too helpful so they must be careful of abuse of kindness. Their professional development will depend on their self-esteem, their quickness to seize opportunities, the understanding attitude of their managers and the management of their emotions.

Gifted in the arts of any kind, Pisces are very good musicians, painters, writers, designers, all occupations with artistic connotation. But as they are also good speakers, we also find them in professions such as the media, advertising, cinema, theater or journalism, because this kind of profession combines verbal and creation. Their intuitive side gives them an innate sense for deals, mainly catering, tourism and hospitality as they know anticipate the needs of people around them. Pisces are also gifted for the health care and psychology, their dedication and selflessness becoming their main motivation.

5. Love:

love 2

Pisces are great romantics and they are looking for a strong and lasting relationship. They can suffer disillusionment by idealizing the other. So they have to fight their dreamer side and face the daily reality in a relationship. Romantic, Pisces start every story with confidence and hope. The other is the focus of all their attentions. Caring, they don’t hesitate to show their love and expect the same attitude from their other half because they need to be reassured. If things go well, Pisces will become confident and very committed in their relationship. The danger is to become dependent on the other and to create an imbalance in the relationship by being too devoted to the detriment of their own personality. In case of conflicting relationship, Pisces won’t take the decision to break up because they don’t want to hurt the other and they believe in second chances.

Astrological affinities with:

Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus.

Resistances with:

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Lion, Sagittarius and Aries.

6. Conclusion:

conclusionThis research has not been futile because it allowed me to identify key traits of my personality, my strengths, my flaws and my areas of improvement, without forgetting the professional fields where I could possibly work. To the effect that astrology can sometimes be relevant!

Hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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