10 things you can avoid in Paris!

Hello mates!

It’s been a while since my last post about Paris. As my blog is called “How to survive in Paris”, here is a list of 10 things you shouldn’t do in the City of Lights for your own survival, enjoy!

1. Going to the Abercrombie shop of Champs-Elysées! It has completely lost its charm. The staff at the entrance doesn’t speak English anymore (no more “Hey! What’s going on?” to welcome us) and all the models disappeared whereas being photographed with an Apollo was the main attraction of the shop. Too bad, it’s just a common shop now. So unless you’re a frantic buyer, move on, there’s nothing more to see here!

Abercrombie Paris

2. Taking a metro exit at Châtelet or Montparnasse! These are labyrinths of hell, it will take you 3,000 years before getting out of the metro, seriously…


3. Waiting on the platform of line 14 at Madeleine station! It’s one of the most stinking stations in Paris. And it will always stink because of infiltration problems…


4. Not watching where you are walking! Collision with pedestrians, dog shit, pole…an accident can happen so quickly when you are distracted so be careful and open your eyes!

paris caca

5. Strolling in Barbès! Just the name makes me shiver. This creepy area looks like the Court of Miracles. Dear lost tourists, if you want to stay alive, take to your heels and run!!!


6. Buying metro tickets by unit! A single ticket is 1.80 euros so take a book of 10 tickets or a pass if you don’t want to ruin yourself…

ticket métro

7. Walking around with lots of cash or valuables! In the metro, some disreputable streets or shopping areas, beware of pickpockets… Credit cards are our best friends.


8. Having a drink out happy hour! If you don’t know where you’re going, a mojito can easily reach 17 euros! So avoid tourist areas and have a look at my blog to know the recommended happy hours bars…


9. Having lunch at La Tour d’Argent! Unless you have expensive tastes and 85 euros to waste… I cannot even imagine the evening prices!

tour d'argent

10. Smiling to passers! Parisian are known to be grumpy so a smiling person would be suspicious in their eyes. It’s a matter of culture!

smile 3

Hope these 10 tips will save your life if you are visiting Paris. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the common field, see you soon 🙂


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