Magical thinking

Dear budding poets,

Do you think that if you believe strongly in something, it will eventually come true? Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!

magical thinking

Magical thinking

Do you believe in magical thinking?

I’m no longer a child but I still believe in this power.

In difficult times, it prevents me from sinking,

It gives me faith when the sun becomes scarcer and when life becomes darker. 

Sometimes you think very hard about something,

Your belief is so great that nothing can shake it,

If your wish comes true, you are living a waking dream,

Magic happpens, hope comes back and you keep up your spirits.

It doesn’t work all the time but I like to challenge destiny,

Magical thinking encourages perseverance,

It brings a touch of fantasy, makes the world less gloomy, 

We believe then that everything is possible so we can go the distance.

As long as you believe in it, all hopes are permitted,

You can give life to your dreams,

You’re determined to succeed

And to be happy by all means…

thanks glasses

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Have a happy Sunday 🙂



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