Short story number 13!

Dear aspiring writers,

As you probably know, I like writing about romance, love, its joys and sorrows. Here is my thirteenth short story, enjoy reading!


Last Chance.

When Karl told her he wanted to have a serious conversation with her, Maggie stayed awake all night, her mind troubled by a thousand thoughts. Their last exchanges were less and less happy, their relationship was on the rocks and they had more and more differences of opinion concerning the evolution of their couple. 

What happened? A few months ago they were like kings of the world, young, careless and breathing the zest for life. Everything had flipped when Karl was faced with employment difficulties which bogged him down in burn out. The one who was so charismatic, warm and ready to joke turned into someone unrecognizable, cold, stressed and distant.

Maggie had done her best to cheer him up but he systematically rejected her, repeting that she could not understand. Thinking that it was only a temporary bad moment, she decided to give him space and not see him until he comes back to her from himself. Unfortunately, the days went by without any sign of improvement. After a week of silence, Maggie sent Karl a text in order to patch things up and received this worrying “We need to talk.”

This did not augur well at all. It was the typical phrase that men threw when they intended to break up with their girlfriend. Karl no longer needed her, he wanted to get rid of her, she had a bad feeling and this thought tore her heart. Scared to death, she agreed to meet him the day after, without daring to ask questions. She did not want to rush him, she had to find a way to change his mind but time was running out. She had to reflect and fast!

What were her options? Karl had become indifferent to tears so she had to be strong and determined. Maggie had to return the situation. She had to stop him from making the mistake of his life. Lying in her bed, she felt her brain boiling, all possible scenarios succeeded in her mind but only one of them could make the difference. It was like trying to defuse a bomb: one mistake and it was damn! If only she could read his mind, everything would be so much easier…

Unable to sleep, Maggie gathered in a box all the gifts that Karl had offered her, without forgetting their photos. Before the Cold War, they had been so happy together, how could he want to give up all of this? And there was still a whole list of things they were supposed to do together: travel around the world, play music, sign up for a badminton tournament, make a book of their best pictures, go to the concert of their favourite band, make new projects… continue to love each other.  It was out of question to abandon these dreams. Their dreams. 

She did not know yet how, but she would find a way to win him back, to make him fall in love with her again, even if it had to start all over again. Maggie was not a girl who gave up easily. She did not want to lose the man she loved and she would fight for him…

– “Hey, you wanted to talk to me about something?…”

The dice were cast. Only one conclusion was possible, it was time to rewrite their story…

thanks 21Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you soon!



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