How to be emotionally independent!

Dear readers,

Whether it is with friends, family or in a relationship, sometimes we have trouble living for ourselves, because of the overflow of importance we give to some people. It’s good to care about others but we shouldn’t forget our own individuality if we don’t want to fall into emotional dependence. A lot of empathetic people are facing this problem because they are not enough selfish. You have to know that this kind of behavior can be destructive in the long term so you must react while there is still time. It’s a matter of survival and personal well-being. Don’t let the others make you unhappy and learn to become or become again emotionally independent. It’s time to think about yourselves and regain control of your life! Here are 8 tips to help you, get ready!

1. Be aware of this problem and tell yourself that this is temporary! Once you will be out of denial, you will have already taken a step and it will be easier to get out of this difficult situation. No matter how long it takes, you will get there! Repeat it as many times as it takes, your will can do miracles, trust me…

it's just temporary

2. Express your feelings and your needs! Don’t be afraid to reveal your thoughts. And don’t think about the interpretation or the reaction of the other. In the name of freedom of expression, say what you have to say and see what happens…

express yourself

3. Don’t fear the times when you are alone! Take the opportunity to do whatever you want, take care of yourself, meditate… And above all, don’t let the sadness or anxiety overwhelm you, there is no reason to feel like that. To be independent, you have to devote time to yourself, it’s very important!

not lonely

4. Increase your self-esteem! Grant yourself a personal entertainment once a day, focus on your strengths and personal success, learn to say no, write your dreams and make a small step every day to achieve them, change only for you and not for the others, work on the personal image you want to have of yourself, give importance to your ideas, trust your intuition, surround yourself with positive people who will not bring you down and take care of yourself! You have to love yourself first if you want people to love you.

be confident 2

5. Learn to keep a cool head! When you feel the anxiety rise, close your eyes and breathe calmly and deeply for a few minutes. You will feel better, I promise! Don’t hesitate to do this exercise as many times as it takes. You should become more relaxed with practice…

keep cool

6. Stop being afraid of displeasing the others and dare to take decisions! The key principle is to stay positive. Give value to your words and to yourself, be confident, be clear, be assertive and tell yourself that you cannot please the whole world. Saying what you think will not make you lose the love of others. On the contrary, you will gain respect and consideration from them! Nobody likes people who bend!

not afraid

7. Enjoy the experience of people who lived through the same situation as you! They will be more understanding and you will know their personal tricks to get by, isn’t that wonderful?

been there

8. Tell yourself that you’re not alone and that all problems have solutions! Surround yourself with the right people and think of the happiness that awaits you when you will be emotionally independent again. This is freedom!

always a solution

Hope these 8 tips will help you to get rid of emotional dependance and be happy again. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂


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