Change your life with the method of David Laroche!

Hello mates!

Have you ever dreamed to change your life without daring to take the plunge? Do you feel stuck in a situation that doesn’t suit you? Do you think you cannot fly because something nailed you to the ground? Are you tired of seeing the days pass without anything happening? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of people feel trapped in a life that doesn’t make them happy. But why complain if we do nothing to change? Don’t you think it’s time to challenge fate and take control of your life? If so, here are some tips that I have learned by discovering the phenomenon David Laroche…

Let’s start by a brief presentation of this ordinary young man who became extraordinary.

1. Who is he? photo david laroche

David Laroche is a 26 years old speaker and trainer specialized in the development of self-confidence, communication and leadership. He works with individuals and companies and share with them practical results-oriented tools. Plus, he interviews major international leaders in the States, isn’t that impressive? Until the age of 15, he was shy, uncommunicative, frustrated and unhappy. Everything changed when he decided to adopt a new way of thinking and become the master of his life. He wanted to be happy, smile to life and achieve his dreams, and he succeeded thanks to a specific method.

2. Which method?

one small step every dayOne small step every day without resting on his laurels, while gradually emerging from his comfort zone.

3. How did he accelerate his progression?

By reading books, listening to audios, watching training  DVDs and inspiring movies on success, motivation and great men. He also attended seminars and enrolled in a long Neuro-Linguistic Programming training.

books and audios

dvd NLP training

4. Where can we follow his recommendations?

go there – On his blog:

– On his website: There is also a website in English:

– On his YouTube channel

In Live by attending his events.

5. What have I learned for the moment?

Lessons LearnedConfidence can provide you what you want

– Being responsible helps to build who you are

– You must take actions to overcome your fears and limitations

– You must get involved in your life and no longer be a passive spectator of it

– Your own person has value so it deserves an investment

– Enjoy the experience of successful people to progress

– If you want to change your life, you have to dare to do new things and adopt new behaviors

– Don’t let failures paralyze you, learn from your mistakes and continue your efforts to move on

– The challenges you give yourself must be regular and not disproportionate to keep motivated

– Don’t expect that someone else changes your life. You can find tools from other people but only you can be the master of your life. Never forget it!

I am far from having explored all the options of this wonderful life coach but I really intend to attend one of his conferences someday!

Hope this article will help you to find keys to change your life. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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