10 cliché sentences that girls want to hear!

Hello everyone!

In general, boys are not very talkative and feel more comfortable in the action. However, don’t underestimate the power of words, girls are pretty sensitive to them. Here are 10 cliché sentences that we would like to hear from time to time, take notes!

1. “I miss you”! Girls need to know this kind of thing, especially when they cannot see their other half. These three words show that we are important to you.

I missed you

2. I was thinking about you”! This sentence proves us that you care about us. It reassures us about your feelings.


3. I love your smile/eyes/hair”! Said spontaneously, these little compliments warm our hearts and make us feel more confident.

smile 2

4. “You’re beautiful”! When it’s said by our significant other, we radiate like magic!

beautiful5. “You’re amazing”! Simple and effective. You don’t need to say much to put a smile on our faces!


6. I believe in you”! We succeed better with the support of those we love. It encourages us to give the best of ourselves!


7. “I’m proud of you”! Being congratulated by someone dear makes our personal success even more beautiful!

you make me proud

8. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me!” This kind of sentence is common in the series but it would also please us in real life.  Who has never dreamed to feel unique in the eyes of the other?

best thing

9. “I will never hurt you”! The heart of a girl is fragile so please don’t break it and avoid playing with our feelings. The last thing we want is to turn into a wreck!


10. “I love you”! These three simple words are the most precious words that we would like to hear. It makes us happier than winning the lottery! As long as they are sincere of course… Don’t say anything if you don’t mean it.

3 words

Girls, what sentences would you like to hear? Feel free to comment, have a nice evening 🙂


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