10 signs that prove that you are a kidult!

Hello world!

Even if we have passed the adolescence, sometimes we frankly struggle to be adults and that’s ok. Behaving like a kid allows us to see life from a slight angle and prevents us from collapsing under the weight of responsibility. Here are 10 signs confirming that you are a kidult, enjoy!

1. Going to Disneyland is always a feast for you! And you are so thrilled when you see your favourite character that your forget all dignity…  Step back, I saw him first!

keep calm disney

2. You love candies! No need to wait for Halloween to get sweets, all occasions are good. You really have to try the Oasis candies, they are the best!


3. You ride on swings in the parks when no one is watching you! The same applies for the slides. Why only children should have the right to have fun?


4. You dress like a teen! Because it’s cooler and less boring. Adult outfits are for work, that’s it.

teen clothes

5. You like bright colors! Electric blue, ruby red, pink candy, yellow sun or green mojito, you’re not afraid of flashy, it puts you in a good mood!

bright clothes

6. You have a preference for fruity scents! Floral perfumes are not my jam. But mango or strawberry fragrances are my favourite ones…

strawberry body shop

7. You have already taken a Happy Meal at McDonald’s just because you liked the toy (currently it’s The Minions!!!)! Where do you think I got my Pikachu with flashing cheeks?

happy meal

8. You like making funny faces on the pictures! Drawing out your tong is part of your rebellious side…

smiley tire la langue

9. You like when people are taking care of you! And you sulk when they are neglecting you. Sometimes you really think you’re a king (or a queen)…

panda hug

10. You scream or cry when you’re upset! If it allows you to let off steam and that doesn’t last too long and not in front of anyone, just do it…and calm down.

i so sad

Are you a kidult too? Feel free to comment, see you soon 🙂


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