Short story number 12!

Dear aspiring writers,

As I said before, writing a short story is a good way to maintain and develop our writing skills. Only practice helps us improve. So here is my twelfth short story, enjoy reading!


Growing up is never an easy thing.

Rachel was at a point of her life where she asked herself more and more questions. She was no longer a child but she was struggling to become an adult. When she was a student, she was just doing her best to succeed her exams, validate her internships and go to the next grade. Of course it was stressful and she had to work hard, but these little trials were nothing compared to the real adult life.

She naively thought that after graduation she would soon become independent, have her own car, found the job of her dreams to be able to rent her own flat and be happy in love. A dream worthy of a Disney fairy tale to summarize. Unfortunately, things were far from being easy. The harsh reality of life was hard to take.

Rachel was feeling miserable and powerless. She thought that with her degree she would not have trouble to find a job. The job offers were not lacking but there were more requests than offers. Experienced candidates and those from the most prestigious schools always came first. And when some companies accepted entry levels, young graduates had to be prepared to accept a modest salary which was often inconsistent with the level of education of the candidates…

Having a job was the basis of independence. It would allow Rachel to buy a used car, be eligible for rental housing and become the master of her life. It was essential to pass this test because everything else depended on it. Without this valuable asset, she would remain stuck with her parents forever and this single thought made her shiver.

Indeed, her boyfriend could not afford to pay rent for two and there was no question she asks Adam this kind of sacrifice. She did not want to depend on anyone, she had to be able to provide for her own needs, she really wanted it. But how to do it? It was easier said than done. Rachel could not accept any job at any price because for the rental of any apartment, people were supposed to earn three times the price of the rent charged.

Rachel started to hate Paris. Tourists knew only the beautiful sides of the City of Lights. They had no idea how hard it was to live there. It was a bit like the American dream. Only those who had a stable situation and good incomes could survive, not to mention a good network of contacts. In professional events and conferences she attended, Rachel had been told that eighty percent of new hires were made by networking. And it was true: many positions were already closed before the publication of offers, it was the harsh law of the labor market.

If everything went by the network, Rachel was more determined than ever to expand hers. She joined various groups on social networks, enrolled at all the public events consistent with her budget and accepted all the invitations that her friends offered her: house-warming parties, afterworks, galas or other, she was on all fronts. Meeting new people allowed her to improve her social life and become more confident.

Unfortunately, going out a lot had a cost, Rachel exhausted her savings and her parents threatened her to cut funding, thinking that she just wanted to have fun. To top it all, things went wrong with Adam and they saw each other less and less. He was lucky to get hired immediately after his graduation internship so he did not know the difficulty of unemployment. Plus, he thought that Rachel wanted to get rid of him whereas she was just trying to expand her network. 

They communicated fewer and fewer before ending up to the wall. Disputes became increasingly frequent before being replaced by icy silences. When Rachel came to see him to fix the situation, Adam told her he was sent on mission to New-York for a year and he left, letting their relationship in the most total blur. He promised to give her news but Rachel felt insecure. They did not have time to fix their problems and he was leaving her at the moment where she most needed his support. Life was so cruel!

Rachel was feeling more than down and lonely. Because of work, jetlag and distance, keeping in touch with Adam was far from easy. At the end of their discussions, she went to bed in tears. In front of him, she was smiling and optimistic. She no longer dared to tell him when she was feeling bad because she was afraid of making him run away. Despite her efforts, they were no longer on the same page and the distance widened. Adam began to go out more and canceled several of their Skype calls. Sometimes Rachel did not even know if they were still together and it made her terribly sad.

She hated her life because everything was uncertain. Nothing went as planned. She took a student job to keep her mind busy and make savings while continuing to apply in the evening but the heart was not there anymore. She missed Adam but he did not seem to feel the same. All she wanted was him to take her in his arms and tell her that everything would be fine. She had to tell him how she felt and do her best to save their couple not to have regrets. A relationship should not be unilateral, they should both get involved. They needed to be honest, be supportive and face their problems together like real grown-ups. 

This is what Rachel thought in the darkness of her room. Being an adult was a full time job and involved countless responsibilities. Love was not enough if you were unable to face conflicts, having a degree was not the easy promise of a bright future, you had to fight to find your dream job or at least a decent job, and as long as you were dependent on your parents, you remained a child. There was still a long way to go but realizing all this was already a sign that she was ready to grow up…

 thank you 20

Hope you enjoyed this short story. Have a nice evening 🙂


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