Top 8 of annoying everyday situations…

Hello mates!

As you know, daily life is full of nasty surprises, you know those little things that have nothing dramatic but that spoil your day anyway… Here is the top 8 of everyday situations that annoy me the most, enjoy!

1. Breakfast situation 1: when you want to eat cereals but you realize that there is no more milk in the fridge! And in the morning, we have neither the strength nor the faith to go shopping. Consequently, I ate pasta leftover this morning. It also works with pizza leftover. Weird but not so bad in the end! no milk 2. Breakfast situation 2: when you need a glass of orange juice and there are only 2 drops left in the cardboard juice box! This happens more often than you think and for the same reason than previously, you end up drinking an incongruous drink like Coke or Orangina, trying to convince yourself that they are energy drinks. Well, Orangina is almost like sparkling orange juice, right? no orange juice 3. Supermarket situation 1: when you finally make up your mind to go shopping at the end of the day but you cannot find what you are looking for! Mozzarella shortage for example. Just when you were looking forward to the idea of eating a fresh gourmet salad tonight! shortage 4. Supermarket situation 2: when the person in front of you takes ages to pack her purchases because she’s unable to open the plastic bags and people are getting impatient behind you while this is not even your fault!  I always take a shopping bag with wheels to avoid this kind of inconvenience. Plus, it’s lighter to carry and ecological! Why are people so poorly organized?! longue queue au supermarché 5. When you break the zipper of your purse by pulling too hard on it and you are unable to fix it!  It happened to me so many times…the joys of clumsiness! broken_zipper 6. When someone crushes your foot in the metro and you are wearing sandals! Even if the person apologizes, you just want to kill her… It hurts like hell and you are supposed to say “it’s ok” with a smile to stay civilized?! Damn it! tom-et-jerry-pied-ecrase 7. When your iPhone cable is dead! You know this situation when you put your iPhone to load before going to bed and you find it completely discharged when you wake up? This is a nightmare! That’s why you must always keep more spare cables… iPhone discharged 8. When you have to wake up at night because you are dying of thirst! And then you have to wake up again because you need to pee. Classical annoying situation! You are too lazy to get up but you have to, it’s a matter of survival… wake up That’s it, at least for today! And you, what are your most annoying situations? Give me your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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