10 good reasons to adopt a kitten!

Hello mates!

Have you or have you ever had a pet? I had only 2 goldfishes not very fun and that’s it. I usually don’t like playing with animals but kittens are likely to conquer me. If you are not allergic and live in your own place, here are 10 good reasons to adopt a kitten!

1. They are SO cute! Few people will tell you otherwise. Seriously, they could compete with pandas! And it’s easier to adopt a kitten than a baby panda, right? cute kitten 2. They are clean and not noisy! Kittens don’t pee on us and they poop in their litter, not anywhere. Plus, their meows are soft and never harsh to the ears. If I find someone to change the litter for me, I will take one! clean kitten 3. They love cuddles! Kittens are very loving. You can be sure that they will not repel you if you offer them hugs or massages! If you have affection to give, take a kitten. kitten hug 4. They are easy to feed! Croquettes, biscuits or mash, they don’t need much to be happy…unless you are dealing with a Garfield of course! kitten food 5. They are excellent anti-stress! When you miss someone or when you’re feeling blue, playing with a kitten or cuddling him makes you feel a lot better, all your worries fly away, it’s magic! kitten massage 6. You don’t need to take them out! Unlike dogs that must go out in all weather conditions, a kitten doesn’t require that kind of chore, that’s cool! kitten welcome 7. They help to socialize! When people see you with a kitten, they naturally come to you. Very useful when you are shy. And there are always topics of conversation about cats, you will not have trouble to start a conversation, trust me! kitten hello 8. We can play with them for hours! Indeed, we NEVER get bored with a kitten. Plus, they help us to disconnect. The next time your smartphone will discharge, you will know what to do to distract yourself! Kitten-Playing 9. They are independent! Once they have their landmarks, they know how to fend for themselves. Don’t forget to fill their bowl anyway! reading-kitten 10. They teach us to be responsible! Caring for a kitten is almost like caring for a baby, but with fewer constraints. Nourishing and pampering someone other than ourselves teaches us to be less selfish as well! kitten fed Hope these 10 reasons will convince you to adopt a kitten if this is not already done! And you, for what reasons would you adopt a kitten? Give me your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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