Short story number 11!

Dear readers,

Writing is a rewarding activity that requires few resources. You just need a computer, a little imagination and voila! Here is my eleventh short story, enjoy reading!

ugly duckling                                                               

Even the ugly ducklings can turn into swans.

Lana had been an unfortunate girl for years.  Shy, clumsy and unconfident, she was the scapegoat of the other pupils from kindergarten to middle school. Plus, wearing glasses and braces did not help matter…  In high school, things became a little better but she was still unpopular. As long as no one bothered her, that was all that mattered. 

When she turned eighteen, her parents decided to send her to Paris to pursue her studies. It was summer holidays and this relocation gave Lana an opportunity to change her life and make a fresh start in a city where no one knew her sad past. Lana replaced her glasses with contact lenses, learnt to wear makeup by watching tutorials, changed her haircut and her wardrobe. She wanted to forget the image of the lost suburban girl and become someone else. She had suffered for too long, it was time that the wheel turns!

Lana enrolled in a sports club, found a summer job in a clothing store and started to make new mates. Unfortunately, they were there only for the summer and she would be alone again in September. This thought terrified her but she swore to fight her fears. Lana had been admitted in a reputed management school probably filled with daddy’s boys and spoiled girls…

This cliché was true for some but there were also people who were paying themselves their school so they knew the value of money. Lana sympathized with Franck, Gabriel and Adeline from the first day and they remained inseparable during their five years of studies, even when they chose different specialties: International Business for the boys, Marketing and Management of Services for the girls.

All went well in the best of worlds. Lana had finally found her way, she had wonderful friends who did not judge her and she no longer thought of her unhappy adolescence. However, she was not completely blossomed. At every family reunion, she had the feeling to become an ugly duckling again. Indeed, the city where her family lived constantly reminded her the bad memories of the past, some of her former classmates were still living here, she had even seen some of them by going to the supermarket. Of course, they had not recognized her, she had changed a lot since middle school but the moral injury was not completely healed.

Again, she hated sleeping in her teenage bedroom which was lined with old photos of her. Shy, uncomfortable and sad. There were very few photos where she smiled. She wanted to get rid of these horrors but her parents said she should not deny her past. She had been unhappy, they never wanted her to go to another school, they thought she was exaggerating when she came home crying, and besides, she had to remember all her life. How cruel…

They did not realize how much she had suffered. One part of herself resented them but on the other hand, she was grateful to them for allowing her to live and study in Paris. She could not change the past but she could still decide on her future. It was better to forget the bitterness and focus on the present. She had just finished her studies, she would find a job and become the person she wanted. 

The courses of theater, improvisation and public speaking she followed at school had helped her a lot. She felt more confident and determined than before. Lana was also able to market herself more effectively and she even found love after her internship graduation. In the end, the management school had saved her life. She still had some way to go but the former ugly duckling was ready to turn into a swan…

thanks 20Hope you enjoyed this short story. See you tomorrow 🙂


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  1. Free Writer says:

    Wow this is really good, maybe you should check out, a blog where you can add your own stories…really this is really good

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  2. Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate! I will check on it 🙂


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