I believe in you…

Hello poetry lovers!

As you know, I like improvising poems according to my mood, it allows me to express my thoughts more easily. So here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!

shooting star

I believe in you…

Who has never had doubts?

Who has never gone through difficult times?

There are always people willing to give you clouts,

Some of them don’t hesitate to cross the line.

Life is not a quiet river,

Nobody has his existence all mapped,

Life is as tumultuous as roller coasters

But that doesn’t mean that you are trapped.

You have the feeling of being lost in the fog,

You think that your torment will never end,

Trust me, you will get out of the bog,

We always find a way to fend.

I believe in you,

I know you can succeed,

Forget the past and think of something new,

Stop being scared and take the lead!

Don’t listen to the dream breakers,

Listen to your heart, follow your intuition,

Be your own happiness maker

And never give up your passions.

If you have the will, you will find a way,

I know you can do it,

I know you’ll win the fray,

Keep the faith and you will stand on your own feet.

thanks 18

Hope you enjoyed this poem 🙂

Note to my readers: I’m taking a few days off so I won’t be able to write before July 15. Thank you for your support. See you soon 🙂


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