10 little pleasures of life that cost nothing!

Dear readers,

Our society has become so materialistic that we forget that sometimes it doesn’t take much to be happy. Here are 10 little pleasures of life that make us feel better, enjoy!

1. Lying on the grass in a park! After a good picnic, is there anything better? A pareo and a nice park like the one of La Villette, that’s all you need!  Just close your eyes and relax…


lying on the grass


2. Watching the sunset! Parisian sunset is worthy of a postcard, I love it! Whether it is at Notre Dame or Eiffel Tower, we are never disappointed.


sunset paris



3. Taking a nap! Don’t neglect the healing power of napping. You always feel better after a snooze!


taking a nap


4. Strolling along the Seine banks! A must among the little pleasures of Paris without a doubt… What are you waiting for? Go for a walk!


quais de seine


5. People who distribute free samples of food or drink! Admit that a free iced coffee, a can of soda or a little chocolate-raspberry cake puts you in a good mood!


échantillons gratuits


6. The smell of cookies fresh from the oven! One of the best scents in the world, it’s impossible to stay grumpy with it. Besides, all the ingredients you need to bake are cheap, enjoy!


cookies 2



7. Seeing people we have not seen for a long time! Reunions are always fun, whether it is with family, friends or a lover. Sometimes a hug is just what we need to feel happy…




8. Contemplating the ocean! This requires you to be at the beach of course. But once you are there, the sound of waves and the sea air make you feel good immediately…




9. The smell of fresh laundry! A breathe of freshness which is enough to reboost you… And it’s healthier than Red Bull!


fresh laundry


10. Stumbling upon a song we love on the radio! It’s even better when it’s a song you haven’t heard for ages. Music soothes the soul, as they say…


i love this song


And you, what are your little pleasures of life? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂


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