10 tips to get rid of mosquitoes!

Hello world!

Regardless of where you live, who has never been bothered by mosquitoes? Every summer, these bloodthirsty vampires attack us without mercy and interfere in our homes without being invited! How rude…  I am so sick of those monsters! So do you? Perfect! This war has lasted long enough, it’s time to drive out the enemy. Stop scratching and read this article: here are 10 tips to get rid of mosquitoes, enjoy!

1. Basil! Put one or several basil plant pots on your window sill, your balcony or your table, you should be less bothered like this.


2. Cloves! Cut oranges or lemons in half and prick them with cloves.  This poisoned dish should prevent mosquitoes to snick into your kitchen or your dining room!

citron clou de girofle

3. Geraniums! If you prefer flowers, opt for bunches of geraniums! This will scent your home while chasing you-know-who…

red geranium4. The fan! Place a fan toward your bed so you will fight against the heat wave AND those damn mosquitoes, yay!


5. Lemon juice! Massage preventively uncovered areas of your body with lemon juice. It shoud protect you against stings!

jus de citron

6. Tiger Balm! Don’t hesitate to put some Tiger Balm on your arms and legs. Thanks to camphor, menthol and eucalyptus, mosquitoes will be unable to aproach you!

tiger balm7. Yellow bulbs! Use yellow bulbs for your lighting, it drives away vampires…

ampoule jaune

8. The plate of soapy water! Very useful when you are eating outside. The water will attract mosquitoes, they will be captured by the soap bubles and drown themselves…

eau savonneuse

9. Lemongrass! Put some lemongrass on your body. Mosquitoes hate it so they won’t disturb you! You can also light a candle scented with lemongrass, as you wish.


10. Essential oils! Lavender, lemon, clove or eucalyptus, it’s up to you. Apply on the skin or through a diffuser of essential oils and you get a natural mosquito repellent!

huile essentielle lavande

That’s it! Hope these  tips will allow you to get rid of mosquitoes. Don’t hesitate to share your own tips in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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  1. I wanted to thank you for these tips for getting rid of mosquitoes. I didn’t know that having a plate of soapy water could help because it can attract mosquitoes. I’m interested to learn if there needs to be a specific mixture to make sure that the soapy water will be effective.


  2. Thank you for your comment! 🙂 Indeed, water attracts mosquitoes but if you add a few drops of liquid soap in your plate of water, the mosquitoes will no longer be able to float on the water, they will be caught in the bubbles and they will drown…


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