Happy International Kissing Day!

Hello kiss lovers!

Today is International Kissing Day! All over the world since the nineties, the 6th of July is an opportunity of giving kisses to all the people you love. Whether you are single or not, you always have someone to kiss. Of course, the type of kiss you give depends on the relationship you have with the person involved, all the kisses are not equal but they all have benefits. Here are 7 benefits of kissing that you should know, enjoy!

1. Kissing is good for health! It is scientifically proven that being kissed regularly provides a better mental shape. When you kiss your sweetheart, 34 of your muscles are working, did you know it? Plus, a kiss of one minute burns about 3 calories so don’t hesitate to increase the kisses. Other benefits: kissing stimulates your immune system and strengthens your resistance to infections and allergies! It’s like a magic cure… keep calm stay healthy 2. It’s a good anti-stress! Indeed, kissing releases the pressure, stabilizes the heartbeat and improves well-being thanks to the production of endorphins and oxytocin. Kisses also release serotonin which have a relaxing fonction, that’s cool! anti-stress 3. It’s useful for the love compatibility! When you kiss your date for the first time, you know right away if you are attracted and if you want to continue or not. A kiss tells us about the intentions and desires of the other. This is an important clue not to neglect! love compatibility4. Kissing is a proof of affection! And the more you kiss, the more you stimulate the secretion of hormones of attachment. So if you want to strengthen the bonds of your relationship, you know what you need to do! This applies to all kinds of relationships. smiley kiss 25. It’s good for the libido! Indeed, kissing is an excellent preliminary that will boost your love times… kiss on the beach 6. Kissing develops your self-esteem! When you feel loved, you become more confident and equipped to succeed. So what are you waiting for? self esteem 7. Kissing makes you happy! We are always smiling after few kisses so it’s an excellent way to fight depression. What more could you ask for? happiness 3 That’s it! Have a Happy International Kissing Day! xoxo kiss


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