Short story number 10!

Dear readers,

Writing is an activity that I never get tired. Here is my tenth short story, enjoy reading!

fight for love

Love is a struggle.

Lying on her bed, Tina was checking her smartphone for the twentieth time. Still nothing. She had done the housework, tidied her room, played sports, had a shower and cooked to keep her mind busy but there was nothing to do. She had been thinking of him all day and he kept on ignoring her. She hated this feeling of love dependence and already imagined the worst case scenario. Tina was dating Maxence for only three months and she was already afraid of losing him. He was not the type to ask about her spontaneously, he did not like smileys so his texts always seemed cold and impersonal when he deigned to answer. It did not mean that he was insensitive. When they were together, he was always caring and in a playful mood but at a distance, he seemed to have a completely different personality. Maxence preferred face to face, he hated texting and phone conversations, he told her from the start.

She thought that with time, she would manage to change his mind but nothing changed and she started to feel miserable. They used to see each other once a week but then it became once every two weeks when Maxence started a new job. To integrate better, he spent more and more time with colleagues. Several times he canceled their plans at the last minute which resulted in huge fights. Tina reproached him of neglecting her and Maxence called her possessive and jealous which hurt her at the highest point. Revolted, she sent him a cold message which he did not bother to reply. After two days without response, she sent him another text to apologize but he continued to keep silent…

Sad and worried, Tina decided to stop sending him anything, for fear of passing for a stalker. An entire week passed without a sign of life from her boyfriend. Tina lost her appetite and remained locked in her room to cry before deciding to call her best friends Camille and Emma for advice. They improvised a pyjama party to cheer her up but at the end of the evening, both of them told Tina to give up on Maxence. If he could stay one week without talking to her, it meant that he did not want to see her again. With phone, email and social networks, you always had a way to contact someone. If he did not use any of them, it was the sign of the end of their story.

Maybe he was just a complete jerk who did not dare to break up as an adult. Maybe her friends were right. Maybe it was time to move on. But Tina needed to hear it from him. How to do it? She asked some of their mutual friends to message him in order to check if she was the only one boycotted by Maxence but he still did not answer. The situation was worrying. If she did not receive any sign from Maxence at midnight, she would try to call him. Until that time, Tina tried to keep her mind busy but she was checking her phone all the time, which did not help to calm down. The hours passed: 10 pm, 11 pm… Tina’s heart was beating faster and faster, consumed by anxiety.

She did not understand the attitude of her boyfriend. What had she done to deserve this? It was normal to argue in a relationship, the perfect couple did not exist. What was not normal, however, was the lack of communication. The silence of Maxence was cruel, brutal and paralyzed Tina. She was supposed to be his girlfriend, why did he reject her? Why did he refuse to talk to her? She was clearly not a priority for him and this harsh reality broke her heart.

Everything was going so well during the two first months! They were attracted like magnets, shared the laughter and incredible moments of complicity. The honeymoon phase could not be completed so quickly, today was supposed to be the day of their three months together. Maxence probably did not remember, men were not good at this kind of thing. One month ago, he finally told her the famous “three words, eight letters” so significant for girls, it had been the best day of Tina’s life. One month later, all the magic disappeared. He had stopped complimenting her, the flame had diminished and there were more disputes than tender moments between them.

Tina just wanted her boyfriend to consider her as someone important in his life, she needed to feel that he cared about her, she wanted him to share his concerns with her, as in any healthy relationship. Unfortunately, Maxence had built a wall between them, a wall that was becoming increasingly impenetrable. She loved him with all her heart, she was ready to do anything for him, she could not imagine herself with another man, he was the only one she wanted. The only one who was able to make her happy but also the only one who made her suffer so much at the moment! Love did not make any sense with all these conflicting emotions and Tina had no idea about how she would fix the situation, if there was still something to fix…

At 11:50 pm, unable to wait any longer, Tina decided to call Maxence and was immediately redirected to his answering machine. He had turn off his phone, obviously. In tears, she resigned to go to bed when someone knocked at her door. It was him!  Tina opened the door with a trembling hand. She did not know if she would survive a breakup but she had to face reality. It was better to know than to remain ignorant. It was the only way to move on!

– “Why are you here?

– We need to talk.

– Are you dumping me?”

When Maxence took her in his arms, all Tina’s doubts flew away. He was not there to get rid of her. Obviously he had personal issues but he was finally ready to talk to her. No matter what happened to him, they would overcome this together, it was time to stop reacting like kids and face problems of life as adults…

If you truly love someone, you have to let them into your life. A couple is supposed to support each other through good times and bad, this is the rule of any commitment. So do not be afraid to say what you think, listen to your heart, expel your feelings and allow the other to help you. Everyone has his dark side, everyone has his weaknesses, but do not forget that if this person chose you, it means that you are worth it. Together, you can become stronger and you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

thanks 15Hope you enjoyed this tenth short story. Cheers 🙂



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